I'm a shoestring-budget filmmaker interested in narrative projects and meeting others who want to do the same.
Working out of South Florida (Hialeah, really) and interested in low-scale/high subjectivity stories ( aka broke movies with distinguished features).
I'd be into working together, working with others on a project, working on others' projects (cinematography and/or story development, preferably), and receiving help/feedback from others.
"Tropical Disturbance" is a longish-short film I made with my family in 2019 and remixed again in 2021. 95% of it was shot with a telephoto macro lens. It's goofy and angsty. Please watch it.
"You're Pet? You're Child" is a 2020/2021 PSA about animal abandonment. It offended a professor I look up to. I hope it doesn't offend anyone else. Please watch it.
"Presence, Parenting, and Play" is a 2021 mockumentary about counseling an oppositional kid with his oppositional Cuban dad and orbiting grandfather. It was shot on an old Angineux zoom lens, so there's a lot of zooming. Please watch it.
I'm finishing post on "Vaudeville in the Landfill", a feature satire about embittered environmental messaging, middle school drama, and Cuban machismo. I'm going to screen it in theaters.
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