DokuBazaar - Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival is a transnational independent documentary film festival established in 2009. It promotes contemporary short and feature documentaries, aiming to present most diverse and creative documentary works from women and men film directors from Europe and all over the world.

DOKUBAZAAR is an independent documentary film festival designed to work outside the system to create new DIY documentary film and cinema events, film screening initatives and creative film education platforms that break the boundaries of film and video.

It is a people for people documentary film festival that celebrates documentary films, human rights, arts, media, culture and cinema and does not follow mainstreams in film, culture and cinema industries;


All programmings of DOKUBAZAAR are planned to be gender equal 50/50, as the leading documentary film festival across Europe with gender equal film screenings.

Festival presents annually around 50 documentary films of all lengths (feature, media, short) from all over Europe and the world and organizes meetings, cooperation opportunities, international documentary promotion events and other creative performances (concerts, workshops, installations) and exhibitions (photography, visual arts) in support to development of socially engaged and creative documentary film culture and film education.

Festival's screenings are taking place mainly in Ljubljana (main festival's location), the capital of Slovenia, but we also organize touring documentary film events and screenings; DOKUBAZAAR aims to reach out with documentary film educational events and screenings to wide European and international audiences across whole Europe in cities such as Ljubljana, Oslo, Tampere, Helsinki, Graz, Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Riga, Tallinn, Belgrade, Zagreb, Podgorica, Skopje, Prishtina and beyond!!!

Entrance to all events are free of charge to all audiences making the festival accessible for ALL (film education).

DOKUBAZAAR is a combination of film festival, travelling documentary cinema, film education, socially engaged film event creating new audiences in Slovenia and across the whole region.

We are the only film documentary film festival and human rights film education event/initiative/action in SLOVENIA and in the whole region that does not follow political censorships and commercial mainstreams in film, cinema, arts and culture;

"DokuBazaar, Ljubljana Independent Documentary Film Festival is a transnational independent documentary film festival which took off in 2009 in Ljubljana. It is dedicated to promotion of contemporary short and feature documentaries and their authors from all over the world, striving to present the most diverse and socially engaged works, the 2021 topic being human rights education. It usually lasts about 3 or 4 days and is held sometime in early autumn...DokuBazaar occasionally features photography exhibitions at the Celica Hostel, where it, for example, presented the Finnish artist Maria Kankkunen and a retrospective of contemporary Norwegian documentary photography. The year 2015 also saw the Children First: Anthropological Film Festival of Children and Youth, a separate festival organised by a team partly connected to DokuBazaar." /,_Ljubljana_Independent_Documentary_Film_Festival/

DOKUBAZAAR is a socially engaged festival, human rights film education event and is non-commercial;

The festival is competitive, 40-50 documentaries of all lengths (short, mid, feature) will be included into the competitive "In Competition Programme" section and non-competitive section;

Main awards for the winning documentary films are: "Best FEATURE documentary film of DOKUBAZAAR" and "Best SHORT documentary film of DOKUBAZAAR"; TBA


We accept digital submissions in .MP4 or .MOV files ready and prepared for cinema screenings via Vimeo, Dropbox, WeTransfer links or similar ones.

For each film to be considered by the programing team the submission fee must be paid.

DOKUBAZAAR is under no obligation to refund the submission fee.


DOKUBAZAAR / ljubljana independent documentary film festival / will take place in Ljubljana and in other cities across Europe.

We accept all European and international documentary films from all over the world (feature and short lengths) produced after 2019.

The call for entries for DOKUBAZAAR LJUBLJANA is open to all independent documentary film productions of all lengths which combine its artistic, cultural and educational values.

Authors of the submitted works define the film length of their documentary films by themselves

Screenings of all films selected into the program of DOKUBAZAAR LJUBLJANA will be only in digital format (preferably digital screener in .MP4 or .MOV file with English subtitles).

Festival is non – commercial

Entry fee must be paid for each submitted documentary film.

All films have to be subtitled in ENGLISH.

DOKUBAZAAR is aiming to promote creative and social documentary works of all lengths from young and independent filmmakers.

The film for DOKUBAZAAR may be entered by natural persons or legal entities (Authors/Producers/Participants) who have all copyrights of the submitted films.

Participants have full responsibility for all information about submitted film and sent materials.

In case of hiding or conceiving any information about the legal status of film entered to DOKUBAZAAR the participant shall cover all costs of legal actions resulting from the claims of copyright infringement from third parties.

Authors/Producers/Participants of documentary films should send enclosed promo materials (synopsis, photos, awards, list of credits, festival screenings, film/biography).

Submitted films will be used only for educational and cultural purposes.

By applying, participant accepts the public presentation of the film at festival presentations.

By submitting a film to DOKUBAZAAR the owner (author) of the copyrights grants to DOKUBAZAAR free of charge use of the film during the festival and presentations in cinemas and other public places as a part of additional educational and cultural screenings of DOKUBAZAAR in Slovenia and abroad in terms of educational promotion of the festival.

DOKUBAZAAR is an international documentary film festival.

Photos from the film, photos of the author/director, information about the film, information about the author, production, distribution and cast/crew information will be published in all festival promo materials and on our official webpage.

Participant of DOKUBAZAAR may submit unlimited number of documentary films.

Organizers do not profit from the festival's presentations.

Organizers do not take responsibility for not delivered or delayed films.

Payment of the non-refundable entry fee of short film to the festival must accompany every documentary film submission to festival.