Film making processes has been changed a lot with the advent of new technologies, especially handheld digital devices like smartphone. This has opened doors for filmmakers by creating an environment where talent, creativity and hard work counts more than budget and industry connections. Believing that anybody with a thought-provoking concept or a touchy story can make a great film, the festival will showcase works of new generation and find talented students using a tool so simple and readily available that it’s often overlooked: mobile phone.

The first rule- all films must be shot with mobile phones, and for the CMFC category Director must be a current student of any university in Under graduate or Graduate level. READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR FILM.

Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) has been started in 2015 as Cinemascope Mobile Film Competition (CMFC) . The festival upholds and promotes the motto 'New generation, New tools, New communication'. The festival is free of entry. CMFC category is restricted to university students in Under Graduate or Graduate level. Films for this festival must be shot in a mobile phone (cell-phone/smart phone). However, there is no restriction regarding brand, model and operating system of the phone as well as post-production tools. The films must be submitted in MPEG4 (*.mp4) format.

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Awards & Prizes

DIMFF selection: Certificate
CMFC selection: Certificate
CMFC award: Cash prize, Crest and Certificate.

Rules & Terms

1. DIMFF: Any one from any region can submit films shot in mobile phone. Selected films will screen in festival.
2. CMFC: Only university student of Under Graduate or Graduate level can participate in this competition section. Selected films will screen in Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival and best film will get CMFC award.

Participant rules:
1. Director of the film can be single or group (maximum 8 persons).
2. Only director or a representative of the directors (for group) can submit his/her film for DIMFF & CMFC.
3. For CMFC participant must be a University student who has a student identity card valid at least till June 2018.
4. Each participant can submit maximum 2 films.
5. Films screened and/or participated in other festivals and/or competitions are also welcome in DIMFF & CMFC.
6. Films submitted in previous CMFC will not be accepted.

Film rules:
1. Films for DIMFF & CMFC must be shot in a mobile phone (cell-phone/Smart phone). There is no restriction regarding brand, model and operating system of the phone.
2. Multiple mobile phones can be used shooting, however, usage of footage(s) shot by any other device(s) such as DSLR, compact cameras or hybrid android cameras will disqualify the film.
3. Use of additional equipment is allowed, including (but not limited to) external microphone, lenses, lighting tools and tripod.
4. All films must be submitted in MPEG4 (.mp4) format with an Aspect Ratio of 16:9.
5. Use of Animation/VFX must not be more than 30% of total duration.
6. Any device or software may be used in post-production process such as editing video and audio, color-correction and special effects.
7. Maximum duration of the film must be within 10 minutes including title and credit line.
8. English subtitle is mandatory and should be merged with the visual.
9. There is no restrictions regarding theme/topic. All genres are welcome.
10. Use of any copyrighted materials is prohibited unless there is a written permission.
11. No nudity, profanity, extreme violence or racist content is allowed.
12. CinemaScope will preserve the right to archive, publish and use submitted materials for academic and non-commercial purpose.

Deadline and submission:
1. No entry fee is required.
2. Submission deadline is September 14, 2017.
3. Late submission will cost $10 (for student $5). No submission will be allowed after October 10, 2017.
4. Submission will accept by FilmFreeway. Please use <> for film submission.
5. After primary selection you will ask to submit, Film Poster, Photograph and Biography of the Directors, Scanned copy of both sides of Student Identity Card (for CMFC only), Scanned copy of national ID / Passport, Video of Making of the film- Behind the scene.
6. Behind the scene must contain sufficient proof that your film was shot with a mobile phone. Director should talk about advantages and disadvantages of the mobile phone used for filming in ‘Making of the Film’. Duration of this video should be within 3 to 5 minutes.

Judgment processes:
1. Acceptance notification will be sent by email on January 06, 2018.
2. The judges may disqualify a film if they have reason to believe that it does not comply with the competition’s terms and conditions.
3. Finally selected films will be screened at ULAB auditorium on January 27, 2018. CMFC 2018 will be announced at the end of the event.
4. CinemaScope reserves the right to withdraw the awards at any time if there is a formal complaint regarding violation of intellectual property right or DIMFF & CMFC rules.