Recognizing the need for more digital dance exposure, Dallas Dance Film Festival (DDFF) was created in 2018 to promote and support local and international emerging and professional dance filmmakers to provide an affordable platform for them to share their work. The festival also offers the community at large a new way to observe and experience dance. The festival is free and features emerging and professional dance filmmakers. Audience members participate in the selection process for the “Best of the Fest” dance filmmaker. After the screenings a Q&A session with available film creators is the stimulating finale.


"Best of Fest"
Membership to DCNT
Featured on DCNT website for 6 months
Winner serves on the following year's selection committee

"DDFF Creative"
Membership to DCNT

"DDFF Innovator"
Membership to DCNT

Submissions will be evaluated based on demonstrated use of the camera and/or mobile devices that highlight dance differently from live performance, such that the dance cannot be viewed in the same way outside of the film. Selected works will also demonstrate inventiveness and originality, cohesiveness and clarity of artistic intention, quality of choreography, performance, cinematography, and editing in relationship to the stated artistic intent. Artists are responsible for holding copyright permission for any elements used in the film that require permission such as music, text, images.

It is the sole responsibility of the Applicant to secure authorization and permission from the copyright owner(s) of any and all copyrighted content or materials included within the submitted Project. The following resource may be of assistance for information on music copyright:

Press materials to include high-resolution production stills, trailers, director bio, and other production materials should be sent to be considered by the screening committee.

Length: 5 - 10 minutes max
Must incorporate Dance
Must pay fee per submission
2 submissions per artist

Early Bird: September 5 - 30
$15 emerging: description
$25 professional filmmaker: description

Later Gators: October 1 - 30
$20 emerging
$30 professional filmmaker

Opening: September 5
Early Bird: September 30
Final Deadline: October 30
Notification Date: November 5
Event Date: November 18

*Excerpts of films submitted may be used for marketing purposes unless specifically requested to not use.

Overall Rating
  • The Dallas Dance film festival ran incredibly smooth. The films were exceptional. The staff of the festival and the Dance Council of North Texas were a joy. Their hospitality was very warm and inviting. I highly recommend the festival for any dance filmmaker.

    November 2019