The 6th Cuban American International Film Festival ©. Cuban Film Fest © Award
SEPT 2, 2023
Organized by a nonprofit group Film Miami Fest and its produced by a young Hispanic producer and Multi Emmy Award Winner Cesar R. Nunez. The Cuban American International Film Festival © is a Cuban festival that focuses on the promotion of the Cuban and Latin-American filmmakers respecting our cultures, music, films, fashion, and arts. Produced by Film Miami Fest, Inc. /

CUBAN FILM FEST © AWARD / Cuban American Film Festival ©
All winners and finalists will get a certificates. Only one film will get the Audience Choice Award trophy



El cuarto festival Internacional de cine Cubano y Americano.
Organizado por un grupo sin fines de lucro Film Miami Fest y su producido por un joven hispano ganador de Multi primos Emmy Cesar R. Núñez. El Festival de cine internacional cubano americano es un festival cubano que se centra en la promoción de los cineastas de América Latina respetando nuestras culturas, música, películas, moda y artes.

NOVEMBER 19, 2022


Certificates or trophies for all the winners and finalists from each category. Some categories won't win. Also the judges and the audience will pick one film as the best of the festival.

Competition Categories / Categorias

Best Short Film
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Cuban Story
Best Dance Short
Best Music Video
Best Experimental
Best Feature
Best Travel Short
Best Web Series Short

Awards Categories / Reconocimientos

Best Short Film Award
Best Animation Award
Best Documentary Award
Best Cuban Story Award
Best Dance Short Award
Best Music Video Award
Best Experimental Award
Best Feature Award
Best Travel Short Award
Best Web Short Award
Best Director Award
Best Actor Award
Best Actress Award
Best Audience and Judge called

We will give digital certificates to all the winners and finalists.
There will be only three main winners from the Audience Choice Award who will get a trophy. The rest of the winners will get certificates only. Some categories won't win. If you win a trophy you must pay shipping and handling charges.  You will have only one month window to claim your trophy.  
Entregaremos certificados digitales a todos los ganadores y finalistas.
Solo habrá tres ganadores principales del Premio del Público que obtendrán un trofeo. El resto de los ganadores recibirán certificados solamente. Algunas categorías no ganarán. Si gana un trofeo, debe pagar los gastos de envío y manipulación.  Tendrás solo un mes para reclamar tu trofeo.  

Categorías de competición / Categorias

Mejor cortometraje
Mejor animación
Mejor documental
Mejor historia cubana
Mejor baile cortometraje
Mejor Video musical
Mejor Experimental
Mejor Largometraje
Mejor viaje cortometraje

Premios categorías / Reconozimientos
Certificados a los mejores en sus categorias.
la audiencia y el jurado selecionara el mejor cortometraje del festival.

Premio a mejor cortometraje
Premio a la mejor animación
Premio al mejor documental
Premio de historia cubana
Premio al mejor baile corto
Premio al mejor vídeo de la música
Premio mejor Experimental
Premio a la mejor característica
Premio corto de viajes

Mejor Cuban Film Fest © Mejor Película del festival elegida por la audiencia y el jurado

Todos los ganadores tienen que estar presente para recibir el trofeo, y si no puede estar presente tiene que pagar los gastos de envío y manejo. Solo tiene una ventana de un mes para reclamar su trofeo.

Entry rules and regulations:
win certificates.

They are going to be a winner for each category and everyone will get a certificate but the main award will be given to the Audience Award and Judges Choice.

1. Cuban American International Film Festival™ is in English / Spanish languages. Therefore, the shorts must have subtitles in English or Spanish.
2. The call is open to everyone, from anywhere, and any nationality.
3. The duration of the works must not be more than 15 minutes (including credits). The documentaries have a maximum length of 20 minutes.
4. The genre and subject matter are elective but we consider the importance of the theme selected for this year's festival: " Cuban culture". But we are open for any theme.
5. Each contestant may submit as many works as they want, but each of these works will be sent it independently, and with their corresponding payment and registration form. Film Miami Fest assumes the contestants own the rights to the submitted work, for what it does not assume any responsibility derived in this end on the part of the competitors.
6. All music and other copyrighted material used in films must be properly licensed.
7. The short shipping costs shall be borne by the participants.
8. The shorts that can participate should have been produced between 1995 - 2019.
9. The works can be produced in any video format (H264 and AAC for Audio, and minimum 1920 x 1080 resolution).
10. To make registration effective by FilmFreeway with title, name of the director and/or producer (one copy with subtitles and one without.) or send the link to our email or
The contestant can send by e-mail sending the URL (link) of the video on Youtube or Vimeo (if it is private send the protection's code). Cuban American International Film Festival accepts videos via
11. All works submitted, whatever shipping method used, must be accompanied by the following documentation that you can find in the website of i Film Miami Fest

• Registration sheet. You must add an address, phone number, email and the name of the Director or the person who own the film.
• Allow the film to be download it.
• A photography or poster of the short film (JPEG).
• A synopsis of the work.
• Authorization letter signed by the director or by the producer.
• Trailer of the film. (1:00 min max).
• Standardized double-spaced script.
• Curriculum of the contestant, the director, and the producer.
• Copy of registration payment.
12. All documents must be in the power of our festival one month of the festival main event.
13. Cuban American Film Festival reserves the right to determine the eligibility of the projects submitted.
14. Once submitted, a film cannot be withdrawn from consideration.
15. Cuban American Film Festival does not provide any reimbursement for works that are not selected. The works will not be returned.
16. A committee will select, from among all the short films received, those who are finalists (between 10 and 20 shorts). They will be part of the festival program.
17. The jury, composed by professionals of the film world and television of Miami, shall elect 5 works from those pre selected. In a second phase, the jury will deliberate to determine the winners.
18. The winners will be unveiled during the ceremony of closing of Cuban American International Film Festival. as the winner of the Cuban Film Fest © Award. Best film of the festival.
19. The participants grant to Film Miami Fest /Cuban American International Film Festival the rights to exhibit the works publicly without notice or compensation.
20. The finalist’s works will enter to the Film Miami Fest Web site:
21. By submitting your film, you are giving authorization to Film Miami fest to use your film and your information for promotion of the festival.
22. The participants accept that their name and identity can be revealed in this event by a descriptive text or comment.
23. The participants accept Miami Film Fest can use your image for non-commercial use of the festival.
24. The participant must waive to impute to FILM MIAMI FEST, INC, any legal claim, losses, obligations, damages and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees and court costs) that they may incur by reason of any claim involving copyrights.
25. The breach in the shipment of the requested material can leave short film out of the competition and there is no refund of the fee paid.
26. We do not accept pornographic, propaganda or hate films, or films with specific religious or political agendas. campaigns or any kind of controversial figures, that will create any kind of conflict to our general audience.
The Cuban American International Film Festival's mission is to create a connection with the Cuban community around the world to bring the Cuban culture, dance, arts, music, history, and Cuban stories of his people. We are not here to debate political issues. We respect the creativity of our filmmakers but they must understand and must be careful with the sensitivity of everyone. We screen to a live audience in Miami and they have the last word to select the winners.
27. To accommodate those films which do not fit into our stated genres, we offer the option of choosing the REVIEW ONLY category. These films will be scored, receive judges' comments and can earn awards, but they will NOT be eligible for festival competition or screening. We reserve the right to move any film into the Review the Only category at our discretion at any time. It doesn't matter if your film is in the Official Selection. We have all the right to move or create changes at any time.
If you submitted a film with incorrect or false information, Cuban American Int. Film Festival reserves the right to disqualify the film and the entry fee will not be returned.

28. Cuban American Int. Film Festival reserves the right to modify these rules, in which case it will consist in website
29. If you submitted a film with incorrect or false information, Film Miami Fest reserves the right to disqualify the film and the entry fee will not be returned.
30. Our festival reserves the right to modify the festival date in case of any nature weather condition. Also we can change these rules, in which case it will consist in website
31. Awards & Prize. The Audience and Judge award will pick the best of the festival.
32. If you win a trophy, you must keep in touch with us to talk about the shipping and handling. Remember you have only three months to claim your trophy.

Screeners can be submitted only electronically by FilmFreeway but please note that we use digital files for screening at the film festival, if you are unwilling or unable to provide a digital file for the festival. You must give us access to download it. (Please add your password) Specially If you are in the Official Selection. (We will need your access, or we will need to disqualify your film if we can't download it.)

Remember we are non profit. We are working in a volunteer mode to help our filmmakers to be recognized. Please support our festival any question email us.
God bless.

Overall Rating
  • Mario Lopez

    I was honored our short “The Legacy “ was selected. This festival promoted the screening and really did a wonderful job of hyping up the event. I look forward to submitting again next time!

    November 2022
  • What an honor to have our film A Cuban Documemory receive the best documentary award at this prominent festival! Everyone we engaged with were very warm and attentive. We loved being a part of this festival!

    January 2022
  • Awesome festival to submit to. I will highly recommend and will continue to support!

    June 2021
  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    In 2019 we won with Dreamer as "Best Music Video" and were promised a Trophy which was never sent. I asked a couple times and was ignored

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Everyone got a trophy in 2019.
    There are way too many filmmakers and we can't be on top of everyone. You didn't follow the rules. You have only three months to get the trophy. There is a specific time to claim your trophy. Everyone paid this shipping and handling. You waited until Dec 2020 to write a review and to remind us. You should it contact us again. Every single winner got a trophy even those who didn't support our festival. The whole idea is to support the festivals specially our festival like ours because we are doing our best to support our filmmakers. Everyone here is volunteer and we are doing everything with a non profit. I really don't appreciate those who don't support our festival that didn't even come or give any good feedback. We are here to support and everyone is very happy with the festival specially those who travel from far away to be here with us. Thank you for your feedback, next time at least support us by trying to work with us.

  • Carlos Barba S.

    Great festival. We are very grateful for the award. Thank you!

    December 2020