The Cortosordi Film Festival is an annual event dedicated to the work of Alberto Sordi, one of Italy's most beloved and iconic actors. The festival will take place on September 1st-5th, 2024, in Grottaglie, Puglia, Italy.

The festival will feature a competition for short films not just inspired by Sordi's work but films can also discuss critical societal issues. Each year, the festival will focus on a different theme. For the 2024 festival, the focus film theme will be "Humanity and Justice."

To participate in the competition, filmmakers must submit their short films to the festival submission portal via Filmfreeway only. Short films must be no longer than 30 minutes and must be inspired by the focus film.

A jury of film experts will select the short films to be screened at the festival. The winning short films in each category will receive the "CortoSordi" award. There will be short films included in the collection of the Fondazione Alberto Sordi.

In addition to the short film competition, the festival will also feature a screening of a Sordi film, a panel discussion on Sordi's work, and a tribute to Sordi's life and career.

The Cortosordi Film Festival is a celebration of the life and work of one of Italy's greatest actors. The festival is a must-see for any fan of Italian cinema.

Here are some additional details about the festival:

The festival is open to filmmakers of all nationalities.
The submission deadline for short films is June, 2024.
The festival will be held at the Teatro Comunale "Giuseppe Verdi" in Grottaglie, Puglia, Italy.
For more information, please visit the festival website at

The Cortosordi Film Festival is a great opportunity to celebrate the work of Alberto Sordi and to discover new short films inspired by his work. The festival is sure to be a memorable event for fans of Italian cinema.

Winning films will be awarded the CortoSordi Award Plaque and a cash price to be announced later.

There will be complimentary awards for runner-ups as well.

1. Films must be completed after 1 January 2022.
2. The maximum running time for shorts is 30 minutes (including credits).
3. Films in every genre can be submitted (e.d. fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and more).
4. Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles. Preferably, also English spoken films contain English subtitles. When selected for the festival it is obliged to have English subtitles available.
5. Submissions only via, with online screeners.
6. For the viewings at the festival digital files are allowed. We will contact you about this when your film is selected.