Conero Film + Adv (CFA) was created to support an ideal of sustainability in the advertising world. Sustainability both towards the environment, through a more conscious approach to production, and towards human nature, through the creation of content that celebrates our unique ability to tell stories.

We are looking for stories told in the form of hybrid works with a strong vision behind the camera, in which brands have collaborated with independent authors in the creation of fictional worlds, documentaries and animations, praising experimental storytelling over product information.

We invite filmmakers, production companies and brands from all over the world to submit their productions. Work capable of elevating the art of audiovisual storytelling within the commercial arena, both as an example of sustainable production and as a creative approach.

Our jury currently counts on carefully selected industry professionals, including:
- MarBelle, founder of Director's Notes
- Daniel Huntley, news editor of shots
- Hugo Diaz, EP at HENRY
- Marley Hansen, the directors rep at Ridley Scott’ RSA and former Senior Editor at NOWNESS
- Philipp Ulita, CEO Berlin Commercial and Berlin Fashion Film Festival

1) Productions must be 15 minutes or under.
2) We do not have premiere policy. Works can also be publicly available online.
3) Productions must have been completed after 1st June 2022
4) No refunds


- Submitters must own, or have legally procured, the rights to any and all material submitted.

- Submitters must have access to, and be able to provide to the festival upon request, all releases for talent, music, or any other copy-written materials used in their film.

- Submissions imagery, including film and clips, will be available for use in the platform's promotional activities. Director’s bio/photo, and other film written information will also be available for promotional purposes.

- The platform may publicly display your submission or content from your submission on its website, social platforms, in marketing materials, and on third party platforms.

- The work must be an original work by you or you must be one of the principal creators and therefore have permission to distribute and promote the film publicly and to grant all licensing.

- By submitting any film, you are stating that you own the intellectual property and rights attached to your submission and that you retain ownership of said intellectual property. By submitting any film, you grant and licence Conero Film + Adv and its partners and associations, a worldwide licence to use, edit, distribute, publicly display, transmit, reproduce, in all media formats now and in the future. The licence will commence the date and time your work is submitted and will continue in perpetuity.

Overall Rating
  • Hanna Frieda Lange

    It was the first edition of the festival and I`d give it a 100/10 without a doubt. Very small and personal, very well selected work and it takes place in bella Italia. Making it all the way down was so worth it, the judges are incredibly good and from amazing companies. It was a beautiful mixture of people coming together from Italy, Germany, UK, Spain etc. So very international. It was an amazing vibe and full of wonderful conversations!
    Local Bizarre and Mattia the founder put together a beautiful schedule of a welcome dinner, boat and hike tour, outdoor screening and panel talks and on the last day there was another brunch. Can only recommend it! Best, Hanna

    September 2023

  • A high-quality festival with attention to detail and a perspective necessary for the industry. I feel very honored to have been part of the selection in this first edition. Congratulations, Conero team for all the love put into this festival. (:

    September 2023