***Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all Columbus Moving Image Art Review Screenings will be hosted as a live streaming event online using Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch.***

To enter into this festival your films production origin must be Ohio. Submissions will also need to have download links activated. If not activated a request will be made to download your submission for it to be officially accepted.

The Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) is a screening event for local Ohio artists, filmmakers, animators and anyone who uses moving images as a creative art form. CMIAR was developed by two local moving image artists Nicolette and Matt Swift to bring together moving image works of all modes of production in a single black box theatrical screening four times a year as well as uplift moving images in all its forms in Columbus through one off screenings around town at local Central Ohio festivals. CMIAR has also had the honor to partner with other arts organizations in Columbus to screen local films at the Independents Day Festival, Columbus Arts Festival, The Columbus, Museum of Art and more.

The goal of CMIAR is to provide a quarterly screening event comprised of works from local Ohio artists working in the seventh art of the moving image. Since 2009 CMIAR has shown over 400 works by Central Ohio moving image artists, narrative and documentary filmmakers, animators, software artists, and projection performance artists.

Columbus Moving Image Art Review is a repeating event that is projected to occur on a quarterly basis.
If you are interested in submitting moving image artwork for the most current screening event please read the following guidelines.

1.The purpose of the CMIAR is to provide a screening event for Ohio moving image artists. To be accepted for the submission process you must have an Ohio Address. If you have questions about this please feel free to email us.

2. CMIAR is designed to screen moving image art, film, video, animation, software art, etc. All these categories can be a very loosely applied especially in the case of moving image work. For this reason we suggest that if you are making any kind of work that uses film or video in way shape or form, you should submit. If your work contains images or colors and they move then most likely it is Moving Image Art and you should submit. If you have questions about this again please email.

3. Selected entries will be chosen based on appropriateness for the current screening. CMIAR screenings are projected to run for 120 minutes. A large portion of the selection process will be fitting the most amount of work from the most artists in to that amount of time. If a work is not selected for the current screening that does not mean that it will not be selected for future screenings.

4. Artist should not submit more than 3 moving image works per submission period.

5. There are no formal time constraints on the running time of submitted works. This being said, please re-read number 3. The longer running time a work has the harder it will be to program into a screening. We understand that not all moving image art is under 20 minutes in length and ask artists who submit working that is longer than 20 minutes to be understanding of this difficulty. If you submit a longer work and are not selected for the current screening that does not mean that your work will not be selected in the future.

6. All submissions must be physically received by email or by mail weeks prior to the following date:
Current submissions are due Sunday, October 10 2021.

7. We will notify selected participants no later than a week before the current screening.
Current Screening is Friday, October 22nd. CMIAR 48 will be an online facebook and youtube live broadcast due to COVID-19.
8. Work that is submitted in a format other than DVD should send an email to address below to inquire about our ability to accommodate presentation of your work.

9. By submitting your work to CMIAR you are giving CMIAR expressed permission to use your name and/or work to help in the promotion of CMIAR events. CMIAR 48 will be an online facebook and youtube live broadcast due to COVID-19. By submitting to CMIAR 48 is providing expressed permission to broadcast your film on facebook and youtube for this live screening event. If you have questions about this please email us.

To complete you submission you must provide a downloadable version of the film.
Send both the submission form and a high quality video file in mpeg2 or mpeg4 (720p or higher) to movingimageart@gmail.com through box.com, google drive or wetransfer.com

After you submit your information we will be in contact if we have any questions or concerns.

For questions please send an email to movingimageart@gmail.com