Cinevoyage is an International Film Festival organized by Deviprasad Goenka Management college of Media studies, a premier media and communication institute with state of the art infrastructure, where students, researchers & media professionals, interact to facilitate the generation of value in the media spectrum. The festival witnessed 1400+ film submissions from over 100 countries of the world in its previous edition
The festival is open to any film in any genre from minimum 5 to maximum of 15 minutes length with the theme “BREAKING STEREOTYPES.”
Stereotypes about race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and other personal characteristics shape how people perceive, interact with, and make decisions about others. For decades, the way groups of people have been portrayed by the media, popular culture, and public officials has led to biases—often unconscious—that can result in discrimination against women, people of color and those belonging to the minority. Cinema is today one of the strongest mediums of communication which can communicate from poor to rich, literate to illiterate, urban to rural, kids to adults and so on. It has the power to educate, entertain and empower people and change perspectives which is the need of the hour.
Now celebrating its 4th year, the Cinevoyage International Film Festival aims to be one of the World's leading film festivals for international film-makers. It is a unique platform for new talent and a celebration of cinematic creativity and innovation.
The Festival attracts a broad selection of shorts by film-makers working in every genre and format, and offers Berliners and visitors an extraordinary chance to glimpse the future of cinema. The festival prides itself upon providing opportunities for talented directors, producers, writers, actors and crew members from all over the world to learn together and exhibit their work in a stimulating international environment.
Cinevoyage aims to create a level playing field, where filmmakers can contribute in developing the ecosystem of the media & entertainment space that leverages the latent potential of the young generation to turn them into the most sought after media professionals.

E- Certificates

- The Cinevoyage International film festival 2023 is free to enter.
- One participant may submit only one entry per category.
- Timeline - 5 to 15 mins
- Films produced after January 1, 2021 are eligible.
- All entries must be accompanied by one poster and three production stills.
- No third Party Websites should be used for the editing process.
- Teams have to use a professional film camera with at least 1080p/2k/4k video capture.
- To assure noiseless sound quality, an external microphone could be used . The final rendered films should be submitted in 1080k/2k/4k only.
- The final video must be uploaded in MP4/MOV/MPEG-4 format.
- The film should be in a downloadable format for screening.
- Teams can use pre-recorded music provided the team has the copyright to the music.
- If teams are unable to compose or have any original music, they can use copyright-free music in the film. If the teams are using copyrighted material, they have to restrict their usage to 15 seconds, maximum.
-Films must be graded
-Entries must include the word 'Cinevoyage' in the video title sequence.
-Subtitles are compulsory for films in all languages.
-The participants must mention if the film has been entered in any other film festival.
-The films will be submitted via email. Make sure that you send synopsis with the film
-The deadline for submission is 15 February 2023. No entries will be entertained after.
- Films once entered cannot be withdrawn.- DGMC and Project Parties may, in their sole discretion, disqualify films deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.
- DGMC and the festival organizing committee have the right to publish/re-upload the best works on their social media platforms or websites.
- In case of any controversy or dispute, the word of the organizer shall be final.