The “CINENATUR” International Short Film Festival aims to promote independent films that talks about important topics of our modern world through short films, discovering innovative proposals in this field and promoting it as an essential means of transmitting the values ​​of independent filmmakers. Thus, the Festival welcomes short films whose leitmotif is about the world. These short films, with a duration between 1 and 40 minutes, can be fiction, documentary, animation and experimental works as long as they deal with themes that are important and should be talked about today. As for the jury, it will be made up of professionals from the cinema, culture, communication and environment, and its decision is final. The awards ceremony will take place on November 3rd 2024, coinciding with the closing gala of “CINENATUR 2024”. Among the prizes, the Lince Verde Prize, worth €1,000, and the Lince Azul Prize, worth €500, stand out. But they will not be the only awards. The Olivo Award, given by the public, will be for the short film that obtains the most votes from those attending the sessions prepared for this purpose. For its part, the Nutria Award, awarded by the young public, costs €150. But they will not be the only prizes, as there will be some awarded by the various sponsors such as the Caballo de Campo Award or the Guadalquivir Valley Award, among others.

• Green Lynx Award. Statuette/Plaque, diploma and 1000 euros.
• Blue Lynx Award. Statuette/Plaque, diploma and 500 euros.
• Best still photo award for documentaries. Figurine/Plaque, diploma. This prize will be awarded by the public attending the exhibition.
• Olive Tree Award. Audience Award. Statuette/Plaque, diploma and 300 euros.
• Otter Award. Young Audience Award. Statuette/Plaque, diploma and 150 euros.
Other prizes and second prizes may be awarded at the final gala according to the requests of the various sponsors. As an example we inform:
I. Field Horse Award. Best documentary about Horses and Nature. Plaque and diploma.
II. Guadalquivir Valley Award. Best documentary about Water (sea, river,…) and Nature. Plaque and diploma
III. Deporinter Award for the best experimental and documentary short film. Plaque and diploma.

1. All national or foreign authors over 18 years of age may participate, both individually and collectively.
2. Members of the jury, the organization, or their direct relatives may not participate.

1. Short films may be fiction, documentary, animation, and experimental works as long as they deal with themes that are important and should be talked about in today's world. Television programs with that theme and already broadcast may also be presented.
2. The works may not contain themes that promote inappropriate behaviour. The selection committee will reject those short films that are inappropriate for a universal audience, that do not meet minimum technical and quality requirements or that reflect conduct that is harmful to the environment.

1. Works presented in previous editions may not participate in the contest.
2. The duration of the short films will be between 1 and 40 minutes.
3. authors are welcome to submit any amount of film projects.
4. Works that have been recorded in any digital video format are admitted.
5. Short films can be silent or with incorporated sound, with Spanish being the language used; If not, they must have subtitles in this language. Films, in any language other than Spanish/English, that do not come with legible subtitles will be directly disqualified.
6. It is necessary to include the title of the short film, the full name of the author or authors, a brief review of the cinematographic resume, email, address and contact telephone number. All of this is accompanied by a brief explanatory description of the short film presented.
7. All participants must attach, in the delivery, a still photo, frame or filming photo of the short or documentary presented. This still image will be printed and an exhibition will be created with all participants. It is mandatory to participate to attach said photograph.

The submission period ends on August 25, 2024. The festival will be held, the in-person exhibition part, from October 30 to November 3 2024.

The Official Jury, made up of professionals from the cinema, culture, communication and environment, will be in charge of awarding the awards, and their decision is final.
The selection committee will view all the short films received, to select those that will participate in the contest for complying with everything reflected in these rules.