Season 8 Results:

#CW - Cinema of the World is a quarterly film event that runs with and for various institutions and societies.
This is the best Season to submit your film to Cinema of the World as next year CW will be hosting a larger-than-life film festival where winning films of all previous seasons will not only be given the entry but a definite selection for the competitive round as well. Along with that, all films will be given free entry at the CW Studio platform wherein they will be showcased among millions of audience.

#Season 8-10 will be an online event.
#Season 9 is open to public now
#Event Date: September 15, 2022

#CW is the first festival that is specifically created to help independent filmmakers and groups to raise awareness about the kind of films made in the world.

#Filmmakers competing in CW festival are not bound to any condition which requires them not to show their films anywhere else. Rather awarded films will be given priority over others as it being the purpose of our festival to educate through the best (which again is subjective). Still, all decisions will be taken by the jury and they will decide which films to grant submission for the festival.

*Here you have the chance to become a mentor to many.
*Submit your film to #CW and become one.

1. It is the sole right of the festival to select and reject the film they want and the Jury's decision remains confidential always.
2. For any queries, please contact the spokesperson of the festival. Mail is what we personally prefer and quick at.
3. Films on the elderly, children, and women will be awarded separately.

Season 8 Results:

All selected entries receive Official Selection Laurels. You can also create your personalized Laurels on FilmFreeway.
Winners receive Official CWIFF Certificates. Make sure you ask for them and if there's a delay you see, push the authorities.

Jury Award - Best Director
Jury Award - Best Screenplay
Jury Award - Best Cinematography
Jury Award - Honorable Mention

We could also award:
Jury Award - Best Costume Design
Jury Award - Best Editing
Jury Award - Best Actor
Jury Award - Best Actress
Jury Award - Best Action
Jury Award - Best Animated Film
Jury Award - Best Comedy
Jury Award - Best Drama
Jury Award - Best Fiction Film
Jury Award - Best Documentary
Jury Award - Best Horror / Thriller
Jury Award - Best Black Comedy
Jury Award - Best Music Video
Jury Award - Best Mockumentary
Jury Award - Best Mystery
Jury Award - Best Experimental

1. To submit your film to the Festival, you must first upload your film to either or or other similar platform.
2. By submitting to the Festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film and you agree to allow your project to be shown by the #CW – Cinema of the World. Your name and information about your project may be used for promotion.
3. Posters of all submitted films will remain on our website for as long as the festival is in existence.
5. Submissions in languages other than English must be subtitled in English.
6. Multiple entries are allowed. You can submit more than one film to the same category.
7. We accept every kind of film.
8. The Festival is open to everyone. If you’re under 18, you will need to include a parent’s name and contact info.
9. Only online submissions are allowed.

Results: Once the festival is commenced, results will be updated on the website within one month of the event date or earlier. Please don't push our team for the same.
Certificates: Will be distributed in 15-30 days after the results are declared.
Laurels: You can create your own laurel or ask us to create one for you.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you Cinema of the World for the opportunity.

    September 2022
  • Samaneh Nouri

    One of the festivals that were very strict and I am happy that my script was selected. Thank you very much for your efforts.

    September 2022
  • Michael Fantauzzi

    Thank you very much for this experience!

    July 2021
  • Ramsses Ali Quesada

    It was great. Hope to participate in the next event. Regards!

    July 2021
  • Chris Oledude

    From Christopher R. Owens, President, CESO Enterprises, Inc. On behalf of CESO ENTERPRISES, INC., Alyssa Dann, Chris Oledude, and all of our production participants, I would like to compliment the organizers and operators of the Cinema of the World International Film Festival.
    When we created our first music video (which was long enough to be a short film), we knew nothing about film festivals. With the help of FilmFreeway, we started researching. The categories were good. Everyone who contacted us on behalf of this festival was helpful. The submissions looked excellent.
    It was indeed exciting to discover this new world and to be so warmly welcomed by the inhabitants! To have GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES selected for inclusion was an honor in and of itself. So, to be awarded AWARD OF MERIT was thrilling and beyond what we expected!
    We were happy to “get the word out” and continue motivating people worldwide to consider the injustices embedded within our nation’s criminal justice system. After all, situations where a powerful segment of the population uses its law enforcement apparatus to abuse and oppress other segments of the population are recognizable in and common to many societies.
    We recommend submitting your work and we certainly intend to participate again in the future. Peace and stay safe!

    April 2021