Documentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC) organizes "Cinema Vérité" 14th Iran International Documentary Film Festival on December 8th- 15th, 2020.
in Tehran-Iran.

The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films.

The international Jury will award the following prizes:
1. Best Full-Length Documentary, longer than 70 minutes, 5000 Dollars, Diploma and trophy of the festival
2. Best Mid-Length Documentary, 40 to 70 minutes, 4000 Dollars, Diploma and trophy of
the festival.
3. Best Short documentary to 40 minutes, 3000 Dollars, Diploma and trophy of the festival
4. Special Jury prize: 2000 Dollars, Diploma and trophy of the festival.

I. International Competition
The international competition consists of three sections:

To 40 minutes (Short Competition Section)
40 to 70 minutes (Mid-Length Competition Section)
Over 70 minutes (Full-Length Competition Section)

The eligible documentaries:
- Produced after January 2019
- All formats and subjects.

II. Non-competitive section
All the documentaries in all lengths, formats, and subjects produced after 2018 are eligible to participate in "Special, Tribute, Retrospective and Panorama sections” which is non-competitive.

New Section for Cinema Verite 2020
Dear Documentary Filmmakers,
With respect to the ongoing crisis caused by COVID-19, we all share the same concern to defeat this pandemic disease with a global support, that’s why we would appreciate to dedicate a special section with the issue of Corona virus “COVID-19” at the next edition of Iran International Documentary film Festival “Cinema Verite”, 2020 which affects everybody around the world. COVID-19 cancellations and quarantines sweep the globe.
So we would like to invite you all to send us your documentaries with this issue.

Overall Rating
  • thank you
    we loved the experience

    December 2020
  • We recieved an email telling us that our film was selected,as asking us for a screening copy, but then we realize that the film never appeared in the catalogue and that there was no screening of our film. Very confusing and dissapointing

    December 2019
  • Bruno Chatelin

    a very good festival trun by passionate professionals, i recommend the experience, take the trip and attend... We did and enjoyed.
    Bruno Chatelin festival agent , Sharkwater Extinction was one of my best for fests, which i curate and help on the fest circuit

    November 2019
  • I couldn't attend the film festival, but it was great that my film 'Landscapes of A Capelada' was there because the festival selected great movies. I hope I'll be able to attend the festival next time. Thank you!

    December 2017
  • Georgios Panteleakis

    A wonderful, inspiring and unique "hi-end" progressive festival.
    A great experience.

    December 2017