"Children make movies for children!" is the motto of the Cinema Kids International Film Festival.
The film Festival unites children and teenagers who are interested in the progressive and popular direction of modernity: cinema and video creation.
The purpose of the festival is to give every child the opportunity to show their abilities by trying themselves as screenwriters, actors, directors. An opportunity that does not depend on the financial situation and place of residence.
The Film Festival aims to develop, educate and support young filmmakers, and also aims to instill a wide range of viewers with a taste for the highly moral and humane art of cinema.
The extensive and vibrant program of the Cinema Kids Film Festival is prepared not only for young filmmakers, but also for a wide range of visitors: children and teenagers planning to enroll in a film university, and parents.
Famous faces of the festival are masters of cinema from Russia, Estonia, Finland: Honored Honored Artist of Russia Valentina Panina, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Tyutryumov, president of the film festival - General Producer of "Triix Media" Sergey Shcheglov. The jury of the film festival includes official representatives of SPbGIKiT.


Prizes are awarded to films of the Competition Program in the following categories:

Grand Prix of the film festival

Best feature film

Best animated film

Best documentary film

Best science fiction film

Best music video

Best commercial / social video

Best Director

Best acting (girls)

Best acting (Boys)

Best screenplay

Best camera work

Best editing and computer graphics

Best TV report

Best video shot on a smartphone

Best debut (for children who have performed creative work without adult support)

For an active civil position!


Participation in the Competition program and events of the Film Festival are free.
Participation in the Film Festival provides for compliance with all points of these Regulations.
Age of the Film Festival participants: up to 18 years.
To participate in the competition, it is necessary to send the completed application and a link to the file hosting service where the film is posted until March 1, 2022.
One application must be filled out for each creative work in the form specified in Appendix 1.
Each participant of the Film Festival (or creative group) has the right to submit no more than 3 creative works to the competition.
Applications are accepted by e-mail: cinema.deti@gmail.com
If the application has been received by a film festival employee, a message will be sent to the participant: “Your application has been accepted” (or “not accepted” if it does not comply with the Regulations of the film festival).
If the participant has not received a response letter from the organizers of the festival, please call back in three days after sending your letter +7 (812) 907 2884.

Films lasting up to 30 minutes are accepted for participation in the Film Festival.
Works should be presented in the highest possible quality. The minimumal resolution for films shot at the amateur level is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Materials that are defective in image or sound are not allowed to the competition.
Video files are accepted in .mov .avi .mp4 formats using the h.264 / mpeg4 codec (in case of using a different format / codec, specify the possibility of participation additionally). You should place the file on any of the file-sharing resources, indicate the link to it in the application and make sure that the link will be active all the time of the film festival.
Creative work should have captions: the name of the work, the name of the team (association, studio), name and surname of the author (s), the year the movie was made (not earlier than 2022).

The film must be created with the participation of children (under 18 years old).

Films are accepted in any language. Works created in a foreign language must have synchronous translation in Russian or subtitles.
The films that have already participated in the festival can not be accepted for the second time.

Applications for participation in the film festival and a link to the file should be sent to the email address cinema.deti@gmail.com

Submitted works must comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation and not contain scenes and plots that offend the feelings of believers (of various faiths and religions); scenes of cruelty and violence; erotic and / or pornographic scenes; plots and shots promoting alcohol, smoking, drugs and weapons.
The organizers of the Film Festival have the right to withdraw creative work from the competition if it does not consist with moral values.