Cinema Culturas Festival screens award-winning feature films, documentaries, shorts & animation, with a focus on independent film. With the purpose of celebrating the creative talent of students around the world, Cinema Culturas has various student film competitions. Students from All countries are welcome to submit their work to our Student Film Competition.

Tell us a story that shows how you use imagination to create possibilities.
Your short film can be science or non-science focused, and it can be in English or Spanish or any other language as long as it has English subtitles.
Free submission

The winning and finalist films will be screened online at Cinema Culturas.
Prizes will be awarded for 1st place ($150.00 US gift card) 2nd place ($100.00 US gift card) and 3rd place ($50.00 US gift card).

1. Short films must be submitted via FilmFreeway
2. This competition is only for K-12th grade students (elementary, middle school and high school students) and it's open to All students regardless of ethnicity.
3. Students must be 18 years old or younger in order to be able to participate in this competition.
4. Short films must be original creations by students K-12
5. Only films that have not have not been screened before will be accepted.
6. Students younger than 18 years must submit a written permission by a parent/guardian in order for the film to participate in the film competition and be use for promotional purposes.
7. Film submissions must include a still representing the film, brief film synopsis and headshot of film creator.
8. All films must be based on one of the following themes:
Overarching theme “Imagination: Creating Possibilities”
*In addition, you can adapt music to your short film or include original music and your film would compete for Best Short Film and Best Music!
You may choose to submit a short film in One of the following themes:

Artistic non-science themes:
a) Imagination allows us to be innovative and invent new worlds. Tell us a story of a day in a world imagined by you; a world of your own creation.

b) Tell us a story where imagination is the main character (You can present imagination as a real or fantastic character, or an object).

Science themes:

a) If you could have a super-power based on a scientific formula, and you can invent the formula or start from an existing one, what power would it be? How would you use it to help your community and the planet? * We invite you to explain the science formula you use in your story. Your formula can also be the product of your imagination.

b). Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks autonomously. Science is a symbol of human progress, yet it is said that one day AI will surpass human intelligence. Using your imagination, tell us a story of how life would be if this were to happen.

9. Your short film can be science or non science focused, and it be in English, Spanish or any other language. *English Subtitles must be included with any other language.
10. If you create original music for your film, please make sure you indicate this in your film in the credits. If you are adapting music (music for which you don't have copyrights, please make sure you give credit to the original creator and make sure you follow all legal rules regarding adapting music before you included in your film submission. For more details you can visit the rule at and click on "Call for Entries.")