Ciné Salé est un festival de cinéma dédié entièrement au thème de la mer et des marins (comprenant aussi les courses en mer, les pirates, les requins, les pêcheurs, les traversées périlleuses, etc.

Ciné Salé is a festival linked to the theme of the sea, the sailors, the waves, the divers, the pirates, the sharks.;; AND ONLY THAT.

La compétition concerne uniquement des films sur ce thème, de long métrage, produits après le 1 janvier 2016.

It is a festival geared towards the general public with both fiction and documentaries, some recent, some fished out of the treasure trove of our film heritage.

It takes place in Le Havre, Normandy, a big harbour and a unique town, for its architecture and its light (remember Monet and Les impressionnistes !)

There are two prices
An professional jury awards the ‘Vague d’Or’ (Golden Wave), and a young jury awards the ’Nouvelle Vague’ (New Wave).

Here are the main points :
The next Ciné Salé international film festival, organized by the Association Ciné Salé, will
take place in Le Havre from Wednesday October 18th to Sunday October 22th .

films that meet the following criteria can be selected and presented:
- Apply the principle of the Festival (to have a strong link with the sea or water)
- Have been produced after January 1st 2016.
- Feature length films - fiction, documentaries, animation, experimental films – can be
- Commercials and corporate will not be accepted.