The Fayette County School District will be hosting an inaugural youth film festival called CineFayette. CineFayette film festival, is for students enrolled in Fayette County School District grade 6-12 to showcase their own stories to industry professionals and the community. The goal of CineFayette is to provide an opportunity for middle and high school students to showcase their work to the greater Fayette County community and encourage their passion for storytelling through film. Each school will be able to submit up to six entries for judging.

Top Short Film (1 for Beginner, 1 for Advanced, 1 for Open if category makes)
Best On Screen Talent/Actor (1 Overall)
Best Cinematographer (1 Overall)
Best Editing (1 Overall)
Fan Favorite (1 Overall)

2020 CineFayette Festival Rules
Fayette County Students Grades 6 thru 12

Short Film Student Submission Deadline - March 16th (Submit to school’s AVTF teacher)
Each school can have up to 6 submissions (Each school’s AVTF teacher makes all final decisions on best 6 from school if more than 6 are submitted)

General Requirements:
Each group must submit videos to their school’s film teacher for previewing
A group may contain an unlimited amount of cast and crew. However, only the following crew members will be eligible for prizes and recognition:
Additional cast and crew should be listed in the credits.
Each group may only submit one entry
You have until March 16th, 2020 to plan, shoot, edit, and submit film.
Submission must be 60 seconds to five minutes (1:00:00 - 05:00:00) not including slate and credits. Closing credits should not exceed 60 seconds.
No bloopers or out-takes allowed.

Slating and credits are mandatory and are for Judges’ identification and must contain the following:
Slate (white title over black screen) must be 10 seconds and does not count as part of film time.
The title on the slate must have the following information:
Film Title, Production Team Name, Film Genre

Should not exceed 60 seconds.
Credits must identify Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Crew (Acting Credits)
Cite links for royalty free music. Music used and not cited will lead to disqualification

All footage must be original and shot during the 2019 -2020 school year.
You may not use video clips from projects already completed from a previous school year.

Only original royalty-free audio/music can be used in your film.
All music must be cited in the credits. Licenses are required for original compositions.

AVTF teachers may only act as guides and may not write, edit, or use any equipment during production of the film.
No politically motivated content or content involving sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, violence, weapons or anything not upholding the rules of the Fayette County school system.
Younger children will likely attend the Awards Night, so be careful to not offend for the sake of offending.
Absolutely no spoken, inferred or bleeped profanity.
No blatant or inferred sexuality (such as couples lying down or in bed)
The name of your school cannot be visible anywhere in your movie; not on shirts or walls.
The film committee reserves the right to withhold any submission deemed inadequate or inappropriate.
Judges may also disqualify any entry.

Submission Process:
Upload deadline is Monday, March 16th at 11:59 pm
Video file should be submitted to your school’s AVTF teacher through Google Drive
Film should be uploaded as the Film Title
Files should be uploaded as H264 Mp4 format
The Film Festival trustees will preview all films prior to judging verify all rules have been
followed. Teachers will notify any disqualified groups
All entries will be judged by an independent group of judges

Awards Night
Thursday, April 2nd Dogwood Church 975 Hwy 74 North, Tyrone, GA 30290
All qualified entries will be viewed the night of awards.

Top Short Film (1 for Beginner, 1 for Advanced, 1 for Open if category makes)
Best On Screen Talent/Actor (1 Overall)
Best Cinematographer (1 Overall)
Best Editing (1 Overall)
Fan Favorite (1 Overall)

Proper behavior as an audience member is expected and required. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated during the screening of each short film. All cell phones must be turned off.

This is a school sanctioned event. All Fayette County School Rules Apply.

All submitted videos are owned by The Fayette County School District. Winners and their parents or guardians agree to the use of the winners’ names/likenesses to promote future CineFayette and other Fayette County film Festivals.