El FIC de Chihuahua tiene la finalidad de promover e impulsar el talento cinematográfico del norte del país. Dándole voz a los artistas locales, nacionales e internacionales.

Nuestro Festival celebra la creatividad, el esfuerzo, el trabajo y el valor que conlleva la realización cinematográfica en el Norte del País. Desempeña un papel vital en la promoción del talento nacional e internacional emergente.

The Bota Vaquera, statue

Category Rules
-Only One feature and short film will be selected for screening.
-Application, the winners will be announced on the following day. WE'LL NOT SCREEN YOUR FILM ONLINE unless you want us to do it. (In case send an email with authorization)

-Our judges has access to all films, and they vote without sharing your work publicly.
Please be sure that you have the proper English subtitle on the trailer and the full movie.

-All films participate in Audience Category, so if you want to increase chances for your production you can allow your film to be accessible online, with password if needed.
-By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film.


-Registering a film to the Festival means accepting the conditions of the call for entries to the Festival.
-The Organization Committee will resolve any eventuality no contemplated in this call for entries. Its decision will not be subjected to appeal.
-The Festival Programming Committee reserves the right to change a film registered in one category to another if it deems it necessary.
-All entries should be done with an online screener. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us.

- Festival keeps the right of changing the section of the selected film from the section which is submitted. Same film can be submitted on different sections to have more opportunity.

- Festival has the right for using snippets from the submitted material for festival promotional purposes.

- Festival does not offer any refund through withdrawal or the movies haven’t selected for the monthly or yearly editions.

- We don’t offer any refund through withdrawal or the movies haven’t selected for the festival.

-Festival does not offer any refund through withdrawal or the movies haven’t selected for the monthly or yearly editions.

-The Festival is not responsible for adverse situations or circumstances.

Overall Rating
  • Kate Davis

    Nice festival. An honor to be included. My only suggestion is that every category winner gets screening and publicity; don't just choose a random category. This is important to those of us trying to market a film. Maybe next year, have an online viewing platform?

    February 2021
  • Thank you for selecting my film! However, I didn’t receive much personal contact concerning whether it was actually screened or not.

    January 2020
  • Although we were unable to attend this year, we were honoured to have our film, "Overtime" selected and screened at the 2019 Chihuahua International Film Festival. We are very thankful to the Chihuahua team for their support and encouragement. We look forward to their future festivals and hope to participate again in the future.

    December 2019
  • Murat Eyuboglu

    I was notified that my film was accepted to this festival. I received an email asking me to send a file of the film. This email was not specifically addressed to my name. I did send a download link and asked for festival laurels for our poster. I never heard from anyone again. Nor was the film downloaded. It seemed like the festival did not happen actually.

    December 2019
  • Roberto Salvador Rodriguez

    Recibir el Premio del Público en este Festival, fue una de las mejores satisfacciones de nuestra vida.

    December 2019