Nine years in a row, the Charlotte Black Film Festival (CBFF) will screen three days of Independent Films, Workshops, Industry Networking, Master Classes and more.

Our mission is to create economic empowerment for, heighten awareness of, promote the significance and need for African American cinema as an art form, and to be a voice for independent filmmakers.

This year’s festival itinerary includes four days of educational and empowering film screenings, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities. In addition, the CBFF’s prestigious Red Carpet “Vision Awards” will recognize the achievements of emerging actors, composers, screenwriters and directors.

Trophies Awarded - Best Short, Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Student Film, Best International Film. Audience Award, Best Director, Best Score, Best Actors

Select features, documentary, short films and music videos participate in the Festival’s
five competitive sections, the winners of which are chosen by special juries. Awards are
given for the Best Short, Documentary, Feature, Music Video, and International film.
All categories are eligible for the Audience Awards, which is chosen based on ballots
submitted by the festival audience. Street teams and promotional flyers
are encouraged to promote your film to attendees. Winners will be
announced during the Red Carpet “Vision Awards”.

Overall Rating
  • Bridgett Ladd

    Tommy Nichols and his staff at CBFF was exceptional. The communication and hospitality was great. The film in fashion show was phenomenal. All the Q&A panel discussion was very informative. Great place to be to network. Thanks for the opportunity to screen our film

    April 2019
  • Gregor Wilson

    Had a blast at 2019 CBFF. Fun, warm and welcoming environment. Responsive and appreciative audiences. Can't wait to take another film there.

    April 2019
  • Allan Meade

    For our first screening at a film festival, the 2019 Charlotte Black Film Festival was a good experience. We were able to watch a lot of great films and network with some great individuals and talk about what we are all passionate about; films.

    I will say that the Festival was a little unorganized and there was a lack of communication especially with my team and I. As participants in the festival, we didn't feel as welcomed as the other filmmakers probably had felt. The first incident happened when we were sent an email confirming that we made it into the festival, but we were not posted on your website until we notified someone. The second incident was during the festival on that Saturday, myself and a few of our crew and actors sat and watch countless films and each of them had a Q&A right afterwards; however, when our film showed, we didn't get a Q&A. The third incident was that we were told we were nominated for a few awards, but during the Red Carpet event our film wasn't shown on the screen as nominees for any category.

    We felt pretty disrespected because we were highly overlooked since the beginning of this whole festival process. It honestly felt as if you all put way more energy in the films that probably "highlighted" the festival. For example, films that had bigger budgets, films with known actors, or films with known music producers. Some of our cast and crew traveled from out of state for this festival and paid their hard earned money just to be overlooked as if we didn't have a short film screening at your festival.

    My review for you all would be to make sure that each group of filmmakers feel equal and try your best to not overlook a film no matter how small. You never know who those filmmakers will become. Nonetheless, Thank you for your time and stay blessed.

    April 2019
  • Thomas Parrish V

    Nice film festival. A little glitchy, but great networking and good breakout sessions.

    June 2018
  • Errol M. Wright

    great job! Enjoyed myself throughout the event!

    June 2018