"Creating a Spotlight for Humanity."
Charles Laulette was born and raised right near, Cleveland, Ohio. He left for New York City to pursue his education at nineteen years of age and he now resides in Glendale, California. He became interested in writing in late 2011, and it was at that time he began searching for resources on-line to better understand what would be required of him. The first project he completed writing was a television pilot, or so he thought... Immediately thereafter, he wrote a screenplay... But in both cases, he felt compelled to investigate the process further. Rewrites subsequently then followed, and he has written another ten scripts to date... For a total of twelve projects written thus far, and he is currently working away on yet another called, "Bone of Contention," although he hasn't been able to actually write it yet (3 YEARS!) because others in the industry don't seem to be able to handle the truth! ("A Few Good Men...??!") - Don't make me laugh! Utterly ridiculous! What a crock! Charles originally studied acting in the theatrical setting of New York City, and since that time has been on quite a few television and movie sets to know his way around them. He dabbled for six months doing some stand-up comedy a bit earlier in his life, also. Charles is a graduate of Columbia University, remains a Mid-Westerner at heart, still has the passion and persistence of his New York days, and at one time was clearly a man that tanned entirely too much... But those days are over for him now... (And that would be officially over for him as of the end of 2011!)
Columbia University
(BA) Theater Arts, and Dramatic Literature.
Hunter College (New York City)
Political Science
Birth Date
June 19
WHOP, even though my name sounds, French!
Birth City
Cleveland, Ohio.
Current City
Los Angeles, California.
Parma, Ohio.
Italian, DUH!
Zodiac Sign
Kristen Laulette
"ALL RIGHT" THEN...?!!! (Well, AT LEAST I AM!) But, I'LL STILL PLAY FOR NOW, but here's only TWO trivial adjustments in the aggregate for them! (Both written by me of course, and for MY THIRD, please see MY "FAVORITE QUOTES" located right down below, too!): ... Presenting first, my just used "Floating Ellipse," ( ... ) which is their creation, denial, and/or, usage, all wrapped up into one, not mine by any means!!! [Unfortunately, in use today, BY "THEM," and/or, "VEM," and/or, paired with "MATERION," [Their, "Company Name," NOT mine!!!] i.e. which is what they actually call themselves, the manufacturer of "Thin Films!"] ... 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"Creating a Spotlight for Humanity."