Channel 43 is an online public access station that focuses on progressive Horror, innovative Science Fiction, and all things unexplained. It is owned and operated by the experimental television station TeleUphoria Media Network.

Though this will mark the very first year of Channel 43, TeleUphoria's other station, Miller's Grove Public Access, has been running for over 2 years both as a physical event and a virtual one. This past year we found our television broadcast format is far more suitable on a livestreaming platform and it gives our viewers a more authentic experience. We intend to move forward with this for all future broadcasts. However, we still plan to host small live events again once it is safe to gather.

As mentioned previously, our format for all exhibitions takes on that of a television broadcast. Commercials, bumpers, trailers, and public service announcements are present in between each show. We also offer a TV Guide for our viewers, which includes artist statements, information about the project, and more!

Like Miller’s Grove Public Access, Channel 43 adheres to the aesthetics of the 80s and 90s through design elements and conversion to VHS tapes as well as additional analog effects. This is a part of the TeleUphoria house style and is used as a way to unify the look, feel, and overall experience of our programming. However, do not let this deter you from entering! Our tape transfer and analog process is all done in house meaning we handle all of this after the selection process. In fact, TeleUphoira encourages all forms of videomaking and we discourage gear snobbery. We are all for blending digital with analog equipment and techniques! Heck, that's what we do best! But we support digital on it's own just the same. Work with what you have and create something bold!

TeleUphoria is dedicated to creating a safe space for artists as well as giving video makers unique opportunities they can't find anywhere else. We see a void in the community and intend to fill it. If you've found that your work doesn't fit within the realm of industry standards or you're tired of festivals proclaiming to embrace the bizarre only to experience the same revolving door, then this might be the place for you!


- Submissions must fall under at least one of the following genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, or Thriller. All sub-genres are welcome.

- Though we only have 3 categories, we accept all forms of video making and support experimentation. Just choose the category that best suits your submission. Remember, we encourage pushing the boundaries of format!

- For our Television Show category we welcome all types of shows. Examples include, but are not limited to: crafting, cooking, shopping, home improvement, talk shows, soap operas, sitcoms, children's programming, religious programming, instructional, investigative, and so forth.

- Though we include commercials, bumpers, trailers, and public service announcements in our broadcasts, we DO NOT accept these as submissions. This material is created by TeleUphoria and Channel 43.

- Short Film/Video and Television Show submissions must be between 3 - 20 minutes long. Documentary submissions can be between 5 - 30 minutes long.

- Entries that perpetuate bigotry of any kind will IMMEDIATELY be rejected. This project is about creating progressive and innovative art, not clinging to harmful ideologies.

- We love visual effects! As we mentioned before, we are all for combining digital and analog. Feel free to include as many effects and filters as you see fit. BUT please do not add a faux VHS filter onto your submission. Channel 43 will handle the tape transfer process for you. However, if your submission is already shot on a digital tape format or has been processed with analog equipment, it will not be transferred to tape.

- Submissions must be turned in as a MP4 or QuickTime file. Please make sure your file is configured for NTSC as well.


1). By submitting, you agree to let Channel 43 and TeleUphoria Media Network use portions of your entry for promotional purposes.

2). We have a YouTube and Vimeo channel that we use to curate accepted submissions after they've been a part of our event. However, you will have the chance to opt out of this if your entry is accepted.

3). By submitting to Channel 43, you understand that your entry will be converted to VHS if it is accepted. If your submission was shot on a digital tape format or already processed with analog equipment, than your entry will not be transferred to tape.

Overall Rating
  • K089 .

    Beautiful underground gem nicely put together. It was heartwarming to feel welcomed where strangeness feels at home.

    November 2021
  • These are very nice and gracious people who treat filmmakers with the utmost respect in a very friendly manner. I really was taken with the upbeat and affirmative nature of their communications.

    July 2021
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team.  

    June 2021