This festival is designed to broaden the range of what is available at public screenings on and near the Central Michigan University campus. Independent, foreign and documentary films are the focus of the festival. Both shorts and feature length films are exhibited.

Awards & Prizes

There is no prize other than having the film selected for screening.

Rules & Terms

All rights must be held by the person making the submission and/or documentation must be provided that permission has been given by copyright holder for the film to be shown at the festival.

3 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Mort Laitner

    I was sorry that I could not attend but my contacts with CMIFF were pleasant. I would recommend submitting your film to this festival. They are highly professional.

    March 2017
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    Anthony Bradley

    Great communication with the filmmakers and a great opportunity for showcasing our work.

    March 2017
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    Sandro Souladze

    One of the best festivals of the year <3

    February 2017