I'm not late, the world just wasn't ready for me yet!
Cathleen Trope grew up in the Midwest, and peaked at age six when she sang on a telethon at 4 a.m. and four people actually asked for her autograph. It was all downhill from there; by the time she was 18, she was hauling loads of polo ponies cross country and sleeping in her truck at truck stops. Defying her mother’s prediction that she would become a serial killer’s next victim, she survived and eventually got a degree in English. Having no focus whatsoever other than enjoying horses, beer and polo players, she became a paralegal in her boyfriend’s law firm. By the good grace of the Universe, which was probably even more frustrated by her ability to underachieve than her mother, she met a celebrity personal assistant online who gave her some opportunities she surely didn’t deserve. That led to a job in Canada where she wrote her first script and almost sold it [deleted: 3,247 words of whining about the Thing that Almost Happened]. She is now 51 and making one last effort to accomplish something more significant with her life than churning out a killer auto-accident complaint and being exceptionally good at driving a 12 horse trailer in Los Angeles traffic.
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    Ecstasy Outlaws2020
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Ecstasy Outlaws
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Ecstasy Outlaws
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July 29, 1967
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I'm not late, the world just wasn't ready for me yet!