International Short and Feature Film Festival.
The official section for short films is competitive.
The festival is co-organized by the Castelldefels City Council and the CECAAC (Center Exprimental de la Cinematografia i les Arts Audiovisuals de Catalunya).The first edition of the FICC - Castelldefels International Film Festival - will be held from 1 to 4 July in Castelldefels (Barcelona). An event that aims to promote film culture through the international competition for short films, the screening of iconic feature films on the same theme, and the celebration of popular participation events for all ages. We want to live four days at the beginning of a summer of cinema and entertainment around the privileged environment that allows the coastal town of Castelldefels.
Official Section for international short films in competition.

CASTELL D'OR al Mejor Cortometraje.

PREMIO a la mejor interpretación.

PREMIO a la mejor dirección.

PREMIO al mejor guión.

PREMIO del jurado al mejor largometraje.

PREMIO al mejor documental.

-The films must have been produced in the years: 2019, 2020 or 2021.
-The selection confirmation will be final when the screening material is received in UHD quality in digital format.
-Films of all genres are admitted, and those of a pornographic, advertising nature or that incite violence or discriminate against people based on sex, race or beliefs are excluded.
-The films will be shown live in the festival's exhibition halls and on the festival's online platform during the four days of the festival.