Making art with heart on any budget.
Dreams For Dead Cats Productions LLC
Cassandra Sechler also known as the “Mistress of the Weird and the Wonderful,” is a conceptual artist based in San Francisco, California.
Her background and interest is in fine art photography and psychology, which aids in providing her viewer with expressionistic works that are both personal and poetic. The nature of gender, sexuality, identity, dreams, technological infrastructure, and her place within them are often the main focus of her work as a visual artist.
Sechler received her BA at San Francisco State University in 2009 and since has been a curator, writer, actress, and director at Dreams For Dead Cats Productions LLC (DDCP), a San Francisco based DIY production team run by herself and filmmaker/musician Craig Jacobson. Together they express their visions by any means necessary through a variety of media, specializing in photography, film and video, editing, music, sound design, sculpture, make-up, graphic design, and more, aiming to provide exposure to non commercial artists’ endeavors worldwide.
In addition to Sechler’s work at DDCP, she has been lead curator for the Dimensions, Mindscapes, and Technophobia International Film Festivals, which toured the US. In 2013, Sechler was chosen as a juror and host at the 4th Annual Mascara and Popcorn Film Festival (Montreal) as well at the 2nd Annual SLED Shorties Film Festival in San Leandro, CA. Sechler continues to organize and host underground film nights and exhibit her artwork in the bay area and beyond.
Between 2008 and 2015, Sechler has completed over 11 short films, including the celebrated Belle Nouveau (2010), Lovey (2011), Wireboy (2013), and Chained (2015) which have been screened internationally and received high acclaim. Sechler was co-writer and first Assistant Director for Heidi Moore’s feature filmDolly Deadly (2016) and is currently working on a handful of feature films: Elliot (assistant director,/makeup artist/actor 2017), Tearful Surrender (writer, director, TBA), and Acrotalk (writer,director, ongoing series). She is also working on several upcoming web series and collaborative films: Proof That It Happened (director, ongoing series), and Windows (writer, director, ongoing series).
Festival Director's Award
Sick 'n' Wrong Film Festival
Orlando, FL
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San Francisco
Making art with heart on any budget.
Dreams For Dead Cats Productions LLC