This is a youth festival that we have been organizing in Živinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2021. For the third year now, under the stars at the Youth Summer Stage, we showcase works by young artists from all over the world. We get to know cultures and people through film, promote healthy values and empathy. Be a part of the CascadAir Film Festival.

We have several awards:
1. The award for the best film by judges decision
2. The award for the best screenplay
3. The award for the best actor
4. The award for the best actress
5. Audience Award for the best film
6. The award for the best message - special award

For all the awards, we give out statues and certificates. We deliver them worldwide if your film happens to be the winner of any of the awards of CascadAir 2023.

(0) General information
● The 3nd CasCadAir Short Film Festival (hereinafter CSFF) will be held from 5 to 7 August 2023 in Živinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
● Registration for the Festival is free
● CSFF in 2023 represents one competition category:
1. Main program (competition part) - short films
2. Revue program - documentaries, feature films and short films

(1) General conditions for application to the CSFF
1. All young authors and students of academies between the ages of 15 and 35 have the right to submit
their films to the "CasCader" category.
2. All authors whose films are thematically intended for youth or are useful for the community have the
right to submit their films to the Revue program category.
3. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries have the right to participate.

(2) Film specifications
● The submitted film in all categories must not be older than 2 years
● The maximum length of the film in all categories is 25 minutes except in the category of the Review
Program where the maximum length of the film is 45 minutes and the minimum length of all films is 5
minutes. This rule can be changed in case the selectors decide otherwise
● Films not made in Bosnian must be subtitled in Bosnian or accompanied by English and Turkish
subtitles in an acceptable format. After submitting the translation, our translators will translate your
film into Bosnian , completely free of charge. Then, they will send the translation back to you which you
can insert into your film and as such submit it in its final form.

(3) Manner of submission and obligations of the submitter
1. Films are submitted exclusively through the online application for submitting films on the website or via the FilmFreeway platform.
1a. Films that are attached to the application form are attached in the form of a locked and protected
link or in the form of a download link.
1b. Films must be available in .mp4 or .mov format.
1c. The film trailer, if any, may be in the form of an accessible and unlocked link.
2. All required information in the application form is mandatory.
3. When the submission is received and registered, it can no longer be withdrawn, which automatically
means that in case the film is selected, it will be broadcast.
4. After completing the submission, the submitter must be available by email or any other contact
listed in the application form for more detailed organization of the participation of their films in
5. The submitter undertakes that the information about the submitted film will be accurate and correct,
and that he will make available all the necessary information, materials and other content for the
purpose of complete submission.
6. The submitter waives the right to the fee for screening a film within the CSFF and the Festival does
not limit the number of screenings of the film within one edition.

5) Closing of the submission process
1. Submissions will be accepted until 30.06.2023 in the regular deadline, and 15.07.2023 in the
additional deadline. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered, nor will
submissions that do not contain all the necessary information. Incomplete submissions will be
considered invalid.
2. All authors whose films have been selected for the competition program of the Youth Film Festival
Zivinice will be additionally contacted by the program service of the Festival in order to resolve
further logistical and technical details about participation in the Festival.
3. CSFF reserves the right to amend the decisions on the selection of films and to amend or supplement
this competition or the list of selected films .
4. Applicants undertake to keep confidential the information exchanged in official correspondence with
CSFF representatives and undertake not to disclose it to third parties.

(6) Announcement of the results of the competition
1. The names of the films and authors selected for the competition selections will be officially
announced no later than 15 days before the CSFF, while the authors will be published no later than 50
days from the closing date of the competition. The award ceremony will take place at the closing
ceremony of the Festival on August 6, 2022.
(7) Final provisions
1. CSFF reserves the right to change all items of the competition without prior notice.
2. All changes will be announced at a later date.
3. The Festival will use all collected information exclusively for the purposes of organizing the Festival
and will not share it with third parties.

Overall Rating
  • Danjin Malinovic

    Perfect organisation and communication! Would recemmend this festival to everyone

    August 2022