Being an artist is a duty to the soul.
My name is Carlo Milite but everyone know me as Carlos Milite, My art name.
I've been making short films since i was 14. I love what I'm doing and i do it with passion. My love for art is what keeps me going. I'm as fascinated as frightened by the world I narrate. I'm a self taught vfx artist, I've studied visual effects to be able to cover as much roles as possible inside of a movie production since I always try making new short films without the backing of a sponsorship and with little to no budget. As a kid i wanted to be an astronaut, maybe a firefighter, perhaps a plane pilot... basically what every other kid wanted too! As teenager i thought about being a medic, or a policeman or even a lawyer: but then, as sudden flash of inspiration, one day i understood that none of those jobs would have fitted me, i liked all of them, but all in the same way, i realized i didn't like the jobs themselves but rather, their depictions inside of movies. I understood that i would have been satisfied only by bringing to life all of those jobs, all of those ideas and thoughts, nothing would have fitted me more than the job that creates it all. The pleasure of leaving beautiful and strong memories inside of people's hearts is the thing that makes me want to tell my stories. Being an artist is a duty to the soul.
Accademy of Fine art
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November 10, 1993
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Being an artist is a duty to the soul.