Launched in 1995 to take place during prime year-end winter dates – December 26th through January 2nd – the Festival has become an important showcase for positioning films, filmmakers, and talent in contention for potential year-end awards and simultaneously promoting tourism in the south of Italy during the holiday season. It is also a major building block of the "magical bridge" between the Italian and American motion picture industries as is evidenced by the prestigious attendance of such majors as Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Paramount, Sony, Disney, and Lionsgate as well as Netflix, Amazon and Vision along with prominent independent producers and professionals who are competing for the sought-after Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA statuettes.

During and after the event, the Academy Scientific Board will bestow the following awards:
Best Feature;
Best Medium;
Best Short.

1) The 2022 Capri Special Contest will take place over the eight-day period from Monday December 26th to Monday January 2nd.
2) It is possible to submit the following works:
· Feature (over 60 minutes)
· Medium (between 20 and 59 minutes)
· Short (less than 20 minutes)
3) There are 2 sections:
- The Working Authors: feature, medium, and short from all over the world released in 2022 or in preview
- The Italian Job: Italian feature, medium and short released in 2022 or in preview
4) The work movie has to be "Original" and hasn't competed in any other Local Festival. In addition to the Original movies accepted by the Selection Board, a few Non-Original will be directly chosen as Special Guest-Competitors of the Festival.
5) The Organizing Committee will not pay any fees to the rights owners of any movie selected for the competition.
6) All movies selected will be authorized to use, for promotional purposes, the official "Capri, Hollywood Laurel".
7) At the conclusion of the Festival, the director of the winning film in each Category (Feature, Medium, and Short) will be honored by Capri Contest Board with special recognition.
8) In order to be admitted to Capri Contest, all movie rights owners must agree to and accept the following conditions:
- The movies will be available to the global public ONLY via streaming on Capri, Hollywood Festival 2022 media-partner websites MY MOVIES (one of the most qualified and popular European movie sites - and EVENTIVE.ORG. In very exceptional cases, the Festival Board can decide to screen some movies also in Capri theatres physically.
- The selection at the Festival doesn't include any kind of hospitality
- The screening of the movies will be totally free of charge to all the viewers.
- Streamings will be available worldwide and protected with Hollywood Grade DRM. The files (movies and .srt) will be deleted from the servers after the end of the Capri, Hollywood Festival.
- All movies in International languages or the Italian language must include English subtitles.
- Every production company should provide us with:
a. Pressbook with the technical and artistic details (running time, synopsis, cast/credits, etc.),
b. 2 stills from the movie (1280x720 and 1280x1080)
c. A trailer of the movie.
d. if the film has ever been screened before or if it is a premiere. (Italian, European, or world premiere)
9) The works are exclusively and unquestionably selected by the Scientific Board of the Festival including legendary actor Franco Nero; Italian producer Marina Cicogna; musician Andrea Griminelli; film, theater and tv actor Alessandro Preziosi; Rai Com President Teresa De Santis; Italian-American actor Robert Davi; American producer Bradley Fisher; Oscar winning actress Melissa Leo; Golden Globe winnig director Shekhar Kapur; Israelian artist Noa with additional members to be announced. The works will be chosen based on artistic quality and social depth.
10) The works presented in Capri will be selected and assessed according to the unquestionable judgement of the Academy Scientific Board.
11) The Scientific Board has the competence and right to assess the works and award them.
12) Applications filed to the aim of taking part in the Special Contest imply full acceptance of the present regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Elena Giogli

    A wonderful film festival, where you can breathe passion and love for movies and be in contact with true cinema enthusiasts aCongratulations to the huge organization, we were delighted to participate with our documentary "The memory keeper".

    March 2023
  • Matteo Occhipinti

    Great experience and great people at Capri, Hollywood Film Festival, I was honoured to be Selected in this prestigious Festival and show my short-movie to a vast international audience!

    January 2023
  • Fisico Cine

    Excelente!!! Recomendamos mucho este festival!!

    January 2023
  • Kostoula Tomadaki

    I am grateful to have been a part of this years Capri, Hollywood-the international film festival. To have my documentary, ‘Mother of the Station’ displayed alongside the work of so many talented filmmakers was in absolute pressure. Thank you so much. Great Team, great communication.I absolutely recommend!

    January 2023
  • SPP Bhaskaran

    Great festival. Thanking you for including our film 'Gargi' in your wonderful festival. Grateful from Tamil Nadu!

    January 2023