Caostica is an International Shortfilm an Videoclip Festival that takes place in Bilbao (Basque Country) with these sections: Videozinema (Fiction Shortfilms), Animation and Videoclip (Music Video).
All prizes are given by a professional jury except of Bizarre Prize. The Caostica Association will award the Bizarre Prize to the participant whom best represents the fresh, innovative, quirky, irreverent, Martian, jokester, weird, risky, brave and daring spirit that characterizes this festival, regardless of the section in which he or she is registered.

4.500 euros and trophies (check the rules).

1- The rules developed are valid for all CAOSTICA 17 participants.

2. Nationally and internationally oriented. If a film is presented in any language other than Spanish it must be subtitled in Spanish, except in the Music Video section.

3. There is no limit of short films per filmmaker, as long as they were made after January 1, 2018.

4. Films that have been entered into previous festival editions will not be selected for this Festival.

5. The section of the contest you choose to submit your entry to must be indicated. The festival consists of the following categories:

a. VideoZinema Section: Fiction shortfilms. No documentaries. [Max. 20 min.] Prize 1.000 € (taxes included).

b. VideoClip Section: [Max. 10 min.] Prize 1.000 € (taxes included).

c. Animation Section: All animation techniques. [Max. 20 min.] Prize 1.000 € (taxes

6. The award winners of each section will receive a trophy and 1.000 € (taxes included). The awards will be given by a professional and independent jury. Aditionally, the Caostica Association will give a prize to the best film in basque language, independently of the section. The prize will be a trophy and 500 € taxes included.

7. Bizarro Prize: The Caostica Association will award the Bizarro Prize to the participant whom best represents the fresh, innovative, quirky, irreverent, Martian, jokester, weird, risky, brave and daring spirit that characterizes this festival, regardless of the section in which he or she is registered. Candidates’ films for this award will be projected at the legendary Bizarro Party, and the winner will receive a trophy and 1.000 € (taxes included).

8. The amount of the prizes will be paid in the next 6 months since the closing ceremony. The presence of the winners will be not compulsory in order to receive the amount of the prizes.

9. Films oriented towards tourism or publicity will not be selected, nor will those that use unoriginal material in more than 10% of the film. Other films that will not be selected include those that do not possess the necessary technical quality to be viewed correctly during the selection process.

10. Inscription fees are at the expense of the party entering the contest. Films that do not comply with this requisite will be not accepted.

11. Films can only be sent through the online platform FilmFreeway (

12. Films must be sent in by April 15, 2019. Postdated films will not be accepted.

13. VideoClip: Outlined in our unconditional support of the short film format, we encourage participants in this section to take into consideration that it:

-Has been created to promote an original musical piece

-Lasts no more than 10 minutes

-Is of any musical style: pop, rock, hip-hop, techno, punk, soul, R&B, classical, tracksuit- metal... This is in addition to meeting the requirements for all Caostica 17 participants.

14. Only those films that the committee selects to be most appropriate to the spirit of the festival will be selected.

15. The Festival will communicate the official selection to all the participants 3 weeks before the beginning of the event.

16. The Festival will provide assistance to the creator or representative of the work (film?) so he/she can attend to present the work at the contest.

17. The Organization will use the registered work only for the purpose of the Festival and will always contact the authors in order to ask permission for projection in other activities outside the purpose of the Festival.

18. The Caostica Association will facilitate the physical space and the mediums for exhibiting selected films. Information about the films will also be exhibited online, so the filmmakers must make sure beforehand that the content does not infringe on copywriting material or other third-party rights and absolves the organization of any legal responsibility.

19. Caostica 17, International Short film and videoclip Festival, will take place in Bilbao from the 1st to the 10th of June in several locations such as Bilborock, UPV/EHU Bizkaia Aretoa, Pista Patinaje de Artxanda, La Ribera.

20. Participation in Caostica 17 assumes full acceptance of the current rules and in view of the possible doubts in the stated rules, the criteria of the festival organization prevails.

21. The organization reserves the right to modify these rules. Any questions or concerns can be resolved by the organization.

For questions or doubts, contact:
Twitter: @caostica_org
Instagram: caostica_bilbao
Hashtag: #caostica17

Overall Rating
  • Jesús Osvaldo Pérez

    Un festival fabuloso. Te hacen sentir como en familia. Espero volver a Caostica.

    June 2019
  • Stella 1

    Great international festival for video clips and shortfilm!

    June 2018
  • Zuzanna Plisz

    A great Festival with very passionate organizers. I had a chance to present my music video there and attend the last crazy day of the Festival. I'm looking forward to the next edition!

    October 2017
  • Андрей Прядченко

    All very good/ We like this!

    June 2017