Located in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world for both Fashion and film, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF) curates a unique experience for fashion and film lovers. Bringing the freshest, most creative international content to our festival, events, programming and our online platforms. CANIFFF is increasing access to fashion in new ways and providing a platform for brands and businesses who want to engage directly with those working in fashion and film disciplines.

15 awards categories ranging from Best Styling in a fashion film to the coveted Best Fashion Film.

Festival Rules and Terms
Please keep the following in mind for your film(s):

• Film(s) must have a fashion theme, major element(s), or sponsorship.

• Films under 15 minutes are eligible for short film submission.

• Filmmakers must own, or have legally procured, the rights to any and all material submitted.

• Filmmakers must have access to, and be able to provide to the festival upon request, all releases for talent, music, or any other copy-written materials used in their film.

• Filmmakers must provide the festival with a short bio of the filmmaker or film-making team.

• Filmmakers should provide the festival with a brief back-story for their film: why, when, how, who, where.

If accepted, filmmakers agree to the following conditions:

• Submission imagery, including film and clips, will be available for use in the festival’s promotional activities.

• The submission will be available for further distribution through our networks and events, and may be monetized through our membership portals and or sponsors.

• Submissions will be considered for the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival, associated, supported, and/or branded film festivals and events around the world, unless agreed upon in writing prior to the festival screening.

• Films that have been released theatrically, broadcast on television, or screened at any number of film festivals are eligible for submission to the festival and all festival program categories.