Canada Evergreen International Film Festival focuses on the international exchange of film culture, promoting vigorous development of international film culture and creating a platform for international filmmakers to cooperate in order to further push the national film culture to the level of the world film culture. The four key words related to the festival are international level, exchange of film culture, international cooperation, and dissemination. We’ve taken the meaning of “evergreen” to hope that both the film culture and all the filmmakers can be evergreen. With the goal of promoting international film culture, we are always striving for a better result. At last, thanks to all the support from both the Canadian government and film-related organizations, the Canada Evergreen International Film Festival has been developing at a rapid pace. It can be said that it is the first international film festival brand within all the new generation.

A: General Requirements

1.Due to Covid 19, there is no requirement for the film producing date.
2.The applicant must hold the necessary rights for the submission and exhibition of this work.
3.Additional to the film itself, selected applicants will have be invited to provide at least one horizontal poster, trailer, and one BTS video.
4.Feature film length needs to be greater than 70mins while the short films or micro films shall not exceed 60mins.

B: Rules and Regulations

1. The applicant must hold the necessary rights for the submission and exhibition of this work. If there are any law issues associated with the copyright, exhibition right or any other issues, Canada Evergreen International Film Festival will not be responsible for it.
2. Submission fee is non-refundable.
3. Once the film has been successfully submitted and selected to the main competition categories, applicants have no right to withdraw the film from the exhibition at this stage.
4. The applicant agrees that if his/her film is selected, that any photographs and/or video submitted to CEIFF will be used by the festival or a third party authorized by the festival for the purpose of promoting the film festival(press, exhibition, brochure in print or online, booklet or festival magazine, souvenirs and any other promoting purposes).
5. Applicants will have to pay the full submission fee before the deadline.
6. CEIFF will not return any submitted films. Please save a copy before you submit.
7. Applicants agree to authorize CEIFF to represent the films in the Asian Market for more distribution or other opportunities.
8. Canada Evergreen International Film Festival reserves the right to interpret the film selection, screening choices, and CEIFF’s rules and regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Jimoh Yusuf

    Canada Evergreen International Film Festival comprises a grand festival jury with depth-insight in film selection.

    December 2021