Obsessed with all things cinematic.
Caleb McCandless has always been interested in movies, but probably really started diving into the world of cinema around age 12.
After living through the height of DVD's popularity, which gave him a taste for commentary tracks and special edition home video releases packed with bonus material destined to go unwatched, Caleb studied film history and theory in college, then film and media preservation at a post-graduate program. His obsession with all things cinema led to a slight decline in his social and literary skills, leading to a prediliction for run-on sentences, and an overeliance on spellcheck.
Having developed a love of film projection and motion picture exhibition in college, Caleb has worked at multiple movie theaters. There is something about the presentation of movies as larger-than-life at a cinema that distinguishes the experience from anything you can get at home. He loves when a genuinely good movie generates excitement and business, and enjoys the different cinephiles and film cultures that reveal themselves amongst the various cinemas he has been a part of.
Caleb is married to his beautiful wife, Heather, and together they have two daughters.
Official Selection
Basest Instinct
Rock Water Film Festival
Dover, NH
Keene State College
Film Studies
Birth Date
May 26, 1990
Married To
Heather Jendro-McCandless
Obsessed with all things cinematic.
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Résumé & Attachments
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