The Cadaqués Shortfilm Festival is born from the collaboration between the City Council of Cadaqués and the Cultural Association Ibizacinefest.
The CSF 2019 is recognized and is part of the official calendars of the ICCA (Ministry of culture of Spain) and Catalan Films
The initial spirit of the CSF is a competitive short film festival with special projections related to Cadaqués and Surrealism, in this sense, nothing better than the Festival inaugurated with the projection of the iconic film of this movement, "Un Chien andalou" by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí.
The CSF includes the Experimental and Surrealist Film Festival as Official Sections, a differentiated feature of this festival, with a clear international vocation.
Cadaqués, known worldwide for its most illustrious habitant, Salvador Dalí, is the ideal place for a film festival of these characteristics.
Besides, from competitive Official Sections, the CSF will include samples of other relevant International Circuit Festivals.
Also during the inaugural day IBIZACINEFEST, will provide us with a session of the highest quality with shorts awarded or selected in Ibiza.
It's in Festivals of this format in the short film about and educates the viewer in this film typology, hoping that soon, the CSF will be a referential Festival in the rich cultural activity of Cadaqués.

Best Fiction Short: Festival Certificate
Best Documentary Short: Festival Certificate
Best Experimental Short: Festival Certificate
Best Surrealist Short : Festival Certificate

The 4 winners get an Official Selection for the Ibizacinefest 2020
The Selected short films access a Pre-Selection at the Ibizacinefest

-All works produced as of January 1, 2015 of any nationality and theme may participate.

-Sections and durations:
Fiction: max. 30 min.
Documentaries: max. 45 min.
Experimental: max. 30 min.
Surrealist: max. 30 min.

-Idiomes: Works in any language are accepted, only selected and projected short films must be subtitled compulsorily to Catalan or Spanish if they are not their VO.

The producers of the selected works will give their rights to the projection in ours
Auditorium and the possible inclusion of the trailers in videos of promotion of the festival without previous signature of contract.

-SELECTIONS: The CSF SELECTION COMMITTEE will choose the short films that will be screened in Cadaqués and its Jury, the winners of the 4 categories.
The Selected will be able to download the corresponding Festival selection logo on our website.

The selected ones will make available to the festival their promotional poster in JPEG and a link (web, face, vimeo, etc ...) where all the info of the work is accessed: synopsis, trailer, etc ... for publication in www.cadaquesfilmcom

The SELECTED works for the projections will be downloaded online, the Festival does not accept physical movie shipments.