CAAFA International Film Festival is a touring African based film festival created to host an international film festival across different African countries each year. This festival celebrates the rich culture and the beauty of African stories, thereby honouring young African Filmmakers all over the world, with the sole aim to impact to the society at large using tales to reach out to Africans and the diaspora.

The Caafa International Film Festival award celebrates excellence and promote the growing film industry in Africa and filmmakers of Black/African descent. The Festival also gives selected films a customized laurel and certificate of participation. Category winners are given trophies. all filmmakers who submitted their films stand a chance of winning many of our numerous gifts items.

A – General Eligibility
Unless a special waiver is granted by CIFF:
Films that have been produced during the twelve months preceding the Festival;
A selection is international if it presents films from different countries;
Films that have not been exhibited on the Internet;
Films that respect the aims of the Festival as defined in Article 1;

B – Eligibility by Category

Feature Films: Films could be a work of fiction and non-fiction and that equals or exceeds 50 minutes in length and the maximum runtime 150 minutes, including credits
Short Films and Student Films: Films must be a work of fiction that does not exceed 30 minutes in length.
Documentary Films: Films must be a work of non-fiction. The minimum runtime length is 45 minutes and the maximum runtime 120 minutes.
Documentary (Short): Films must be a work of non-fiction. the maximum runtime does not exceed 30 minutes in length.
Animation Films: Films could be a work of fiction and non-fiction and does not exceed 90 minutes for feature and 45 mins for short

Selection Committee
CIFF will solely appoint a selection committee to review submitted features, documentaries, animations and short films. The committee will decide on the official selection to enter the four categories in competition.
CIFF will solely appoint a jury including members of the international film community to decide on winners for each of the four categories in competition.

Entries must be submitted before JUNE 18TH 2021. Any submission and/or material received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Multiple entries
Multiple entries are invited. The same festival entry can be entered into different categories. However, it is obligatory
• to fill in an individual entry form for each category
• to send a medium for each category

Each festival entry has to be labelled with

• the category it is submitted for
• the title/length/correct format
• the name and full address of the entrant.

Submission Material

The entry form will be filled and submitted online on

Please ensure that the film title and all other requested information is provided in English or French.

Submission of Works in Progress
It is NOT acceptable to submit a working copy of a film. ‘Work-in-progress’ entries are not allowed. CIFF only accepts the final version of films.

Storage of Submissions
CIFF retains the right to keep all submissions as well as associated materials for its use. CIFF reserves the right to transfer submissions to a master hard drive digital library, building a digital reference archive (“CIFF Permanent Digital Library”). CIFF will not theatrically screen for commercial purposes any films without the express written consent of the appropriate rights holder(s).

7. Language Versions
Entries not produced in English must have either:
subtitles in English
voice-over in English
written synopsis in English. Full scripts are not accepted.
Print: Comprehensive summary in English

8. Formats

Full HD / mp4 (1920x1080 px), 16:9

Frame rate:
24 fps

Video Codec:

Audio Codec:

The entrant is responsible for the technical quality of the medium.
11. Winners Notification
Festival entries will be prejudged and Award-winners will be notified beforehand. The decisions of the jury are not contestable. Decisions of the jury and the festival Organization are final and not subject to any legal appeal. Awards not being collected at our office by arrangement will be sent to the entrant. All freight charges have to be taken over by the recipient. This also applies to any duplicate items ordered.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly and warm team.

    September 2021
  • Imran Shaban

    A very nice and brilliant festival

    September 2021
  • thank you very much
    i have a great dream

    September 2021
  • "CAAFA International Film Festival" was an excellent and welcoming platform for filmmakers all around the world to showcase their creativity. It was seamlessly executed even though the pandemic and turned out to be an exciting experience. I am glad that I could be a part of the Festival and feel extremely honored and privileged, that my first short film "Exchange Offer" considered as a FINALIST in the Best Short Film category. Thanks to all respected Jury Members and the entire team of the CIFF and looking forward to the next season. Till then stay happy and safe. Lots of love to the beautiful people of Africa from India.

    September 2021