CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival showcases the best in non-fiction films, presented by the Calgary Underground Film Festival.

CUFF.Docs grew out of both a desire to bring more international documentaries to Calgary, and a necessity. We were seeing so many great documentary films submitted to our annual Calgary Underground Film Festival, and through attending film festivals worldwide, but we just couldn’t fit them all into one event. We saw the appetite for documentaries in this city was huge; we had people ask us repeatedly for more, or for a documentary festival – so we finally decided to go for it.

CUFF.Docs is the perfect place for anyone with the same intrigue and interest in factual content as we have. We’ll bring guests with the films, and plan for a unique CUFF-experience with the festival, and the films we present. We aim to promote art and encourage dialogue.

At CUFF.Docs, the quality of the film is what matters most; we don't book films to make political statements or advocate for particular issues. Instead, we hope to present a range of films that both confirm and challenge beliefs, promoting a sense of wonder and a healthy skepticism, and above all, that continue to advance the medium of documentary filmmaking.

The Calgary Underground Film Festival loves supporting independent film, and with a great team and passionate supporters, we elevate Calgary's cultural landscape.

Jury Award: Best Documentary Feature
Audience Awards: Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short

CUFF.Docs is currently accepting all film/video submissions. Film and Video submissions are accepted in all categories. Please note that for feature films, it must be a Calgary premiere. For short films, Calgary premieres have priority, but it's not a deal breaker.
We encourage local, national and international submissions.

NOTE: If you already applied to CUFF's main festival in spring, you do not need to re-apply to CUFF.Docs. We'll consider all submissions for both festivals. If you apply with a doc to CUFF.Docs 2023, we'll also consider it for next April 2024. (as long as it meets our other guidelines)

1) Features films: must be a Calgary premiere, and not have screened in theatre, local festival or Canadian broadcast before our dates.
2) Short films: Priority is given to films which have not yet screened in Calgary.
3) We do not program films which were finished prior to last years festival.
4) Eligible films should have a festival release date ranging from late fall 2022 to current 2023.
5) Please contact if you have any questions:

Overall Rating
  • Bret Kenworthy

    The nest of the best! Thank you so much for showing our short film "Running Rabbit".

    December 2023
  • Kevin Dong

    Had such a great time at CUFF Docs. Top notch filmmaker relations - we felt very taken care of. One of the most passionate and hands-on festival teams anywhere. Love 'em!

    December 2022
  • Gianna Isabella

    I'm so happy for the opportunity to have screened Mike on the Farm at CUFF Docs! It was incredible to get to watch it in a theatre, on the big screen & I was really moved by how the audience reacted. I'm sorry I had to run out early as unfortunately we screened on the day of the big snow storm! Thanks so much to CUFF Docs, I am so grateful for the wonderful event and I hope I will be able to screen there again in the future!

    December 2022
  • Jack Parker

    Excellent festival team and a lot of fun! Very well organized with great communication.

    December 2022
  • I am so honored to have been part of this fest again! The program is consistently amazing. I can't wait to get there in person someday. First class all the way!

    April 2022