CRASH – Mostra Internacional de Cinema Fantástico (International Fantastic Film Festival) is a film festival that will take place from December 09 to 17, 2021, on a streaming platform, in the city of Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. Since 1999, CRASH has been an event that are permanently looking for new authors, new films, new looks into the genre and new experiences. CRASH 2021 will accept submissions of fantasy, horror and science fiction films of any length, produced from 2019 to 2021.

CRASH - Mostra Internacional de Cinema Fantástico é um festival de cinema que acontecerá de 09 a 17 de dezembro de 2021 em plataforma de streaming, na cidade de Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil. Desde sua 1ª edição, em 1999, o festival busca permanentemente novos autores, novos filmes, novos olhares para o gênero e novas experiências. A CRASH 2021 aceitará inscrições de filmes e vídeos de fantasia, horror e ficção científica de qualquer duração, produzidos de 2019 a 2020.

- Melhor Curta-metragem Nacional / Best Brasilian Short Film
- Melhor Curta-metragem Internacional / Best International Short Film
- Melhor Longa-metragem / Best Feature Film.


1) CRASH – 13th International Fantastic Film Festival, will take place from December 09 to 17, 2021, on a streaming platform WURLAK (, restricted to Brazil.
2) CRASH – 13th International Fantastic Film Festival will accept submissions of fantasy, horror and science fiction films of any length, produced after january 2019.

3) CRASH - 13th International Fantastic Film Festival will accept entries until October 01.

4) Entries will be received exclusively by filling out the registration form available on the Film Free Way platform at the following link:

5) There is no entry fee for Brazilian films.

6) Films in foreign language (other than Portuguese) must have subtitles in Portuguese, English or Spanish.
7) A judging panel will be composed for the selection of films to be shown, and its decision will be final. It will be up to the organization to decide dates and times of selected films.
9) Selected films will be shown in digital files (.MOV/.MP4, Codec H264/ 1920x1080p), which must be sent to the festival up to seven days after the announcement of their selection. Films selected must be sent via downloaded link to the email address:

10) Screening copies in foreign language must be sent without fixed subtitles and accompanied by the English dialogue list (SRT FILE) up to 7 days after the selection notification.

11) The Festival will announce results of the selection on the Festival’s official website (  and directly by email to those selected by november 01, 2020. Deadline will be extended in case the festival organizers find it necessary.
12) This year CRASH will elect the best films in three categories: best national short film, best foreign short film and best feature film. The films will be chosen by a jury made up of three people. Members cannot be those related or with special interest on the production of the films in the competition.

13) CRASH won’t have any rights of intellectual or artistic property on works submitted, remaining their rights under the rule of authors, producers and/or any other previous owners by the time of submission to the festival.

14) CRASH will reserve the right to non-commercial screenings of any film submitted for a period of one year from the date of submission by agreement of producers on the registration form.

15) Filmmakers agree that clips up to 30 seconds and images from their film may be used on the promotional material of the festival.

16) Participants are responsible for securing necessary permissions to participate in the Festival so to not violate rights of third parties also involved in the film production.

17) CRASH does not pay any kind of screening fee.

18) Participation in CRASH implies acceptance of the present Regulation by all parties concerned.

Overall Rating
  • Gui Rampazo

    A good festival with an interesting streaming platform. It was a pleasure to participate

    January 2022
  • Sandro Vilanova

    Grande festival, espero que ano que vem seja presencial.

    December 2021
  • Hesam Rahmani

    I had two films at two times at your festival and it's my pleasure I was a part of this festival.
    Thank you, guys. You are amazing.

    December 2021
  • Too good to be true.

    January 2021
  • Tamás Rebák

    The festival team was really helpful and kind :) Wish them more great (and live) events!

    December 2020