Chania Film Festival is an international festival taking place on the island of Crete, at the last week of October every year. A big annual celebration of the 7th Art in the middle of autumn in the beautiful town of Chania.
An organization that quickly became an institution with worldwide collaborations, with many parallel events, recognition and acceptance. A cinematographic event that aspires to host the best films in the field of cinema, from all around the world. A meeting place for fiction films, documentary and animation films, as well as directors, producers and actors.
During its eleven-day duration (last week of October and first week of November every year), approximately 15.000 viewer (including school audience) attend the screenings and the parallel events, such as workshops, master classes, and exhibitions. The CFF is also active during the rest of the year until the next festival; it produces and presents a number of events throughout the year, special screenings, educational workshops, film productions etc.
The educational program of the CFF (CFF Edu) aims at providing a complete understanding of the cinematic and the audiovisual language. It has been designed for school teachers and educators, with the following focal points:
- the development of film education in schools
- screenings of pedagogical content
- the knowledge and use of technology in film making
- the familiarization with the methods and techniques of cinema
- the encouragement for study and critical thinking in relation to audiovisual products
- the use of audiovisual tools for further exploration and expansion of personal abilities and artistic expression in audiovisual projects in schools
- the interdisciplinary dimension of cinema and the interconnection with photography, visual arts, music, movement, literature, creative writing
- film production inside the school community

Overall Rating
  • That was the most cinematic film festival I've ever been. This town smell and breath cinema, apart of the fact that they've pay for my room and food, (for a short film director) they had every day different activities learning to little kids how to make cinema. I found this incredible. As for the city of Chania, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, without the slightest exaggeration...

    February 2019
  • Makoto Sudo

    Great festival! Good communication, and networking.

    January 2019
  • it was an amazing experience!

    December 2018
  • Appreciate much the chance given to us to take part at the Chania Film Festival. Happy to meet there professionals & high social responsibility moderators. So seriously made the choice of concepts & aspects of modern life to be shown & discussed important not only for local people but otherwise of global meaning. Happy to have been here & met people of great heart :)

    November 2018
  • Vivian Papageorgiou

    Great experience, people really friendly & proffesionals and everything well organized. Located in a beautiful city!

    November 2018