The 2021 6th Canada Golden Maple Film Festival is being held in August this year in WuLanChaBu, China, and there will be screenings of outstanding films throughout major city's theaters. The highlights and characteristics of the film festival is to raise awareness on the film industry, culture, media and online network, and to foster the international development of the film industry.

Besides a shortlisted film awards, the film festival have also arranged Film Forum and other activities for film lovers and professionals to promote, inspire, interact and exchange at an academic level.

Golden Maple Film Awards Categories:

1st Category - Cinema Film
2nd Category - Online Film
3rd Category - Short Film
4th Category - Documentary
5th Category - Creative Film
6th Category - Future Star Film
7th Category - TV Show
8th Category - Original Screenplays

Rule #1
The filmmaking techniques in Vancouver is fully developed; people call it the Northern Hollywood because Vancouver is the third biggest film production center in the world after Los Angeles and New York. Holding the film festival in Vancouver would bring infinite opportunities for the development of the festival.

The 2021 6th Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival is taking place in August this year in WuLanChaBu, China.

Rule #2
The CGM is responsible for choosing and inviting the films which will be presented in the film fest, and for the films have selected by the committee will receive a reward certification. Please comply with the following:

The qualified film would be deemed as the candidate film:

1. All films must have been produced within the past 36 months.
2. The media type of film could be MP4 or MOV format.
3. Films that have not released or have never participated in any other film festivals will be on the preferred list.
4. Films that are longer than 90 minutes can be considered as the candidate film for “Golden Maple Film Prize”;
5. The feature films, animation, documentaries, short films meet the below criterion will also be considered as the candidate films:
a. All films must be produced within two years, and should be in the effect of 35mm film with HD equipment.
b. For the feature film and animation should be longer than 70 minutes, for short films should not be longer than 50 minutes, and for the documentaries should have no limit.
6. Awards include theatre films and online films.

Rule #3
Once the film is selected, the participant is not allowed to quit during the process.

During the film festival, the exhibited films are not permitted to be shown at any other places. Violators will be disqualified from the competition.

Rule #4
All the films must show with original audio and English subtitle (Original audio refers to the original language of the movies) If the video does not meet the rules listed above, the committee have the right to disqualify the film from the competition.

The copied films should come with English subtitle (subtitle producing rate is paid by the producer).

Rule #5
The selected films should indicate Canada Golden Maple International Film Festival Official Selection on their publicity materials.

According to the CGM rules and regulations, the awards winners shall give a clear indication about the awards on all of their publicity materials.

Rule #6
The deadline of all application is on June 25, and the application form could be send via email before this date, and registration also available on the festival official website.

All film submissions must be sent to the film festival organizing committee before June 25.

The participant shall provide the committee with the detail information about the film before June 25th.

Rule #7
1. Applicants must provide a full detail description of the film to the festival committee. The vedio file download link of the final copy of the English subtitle for the nominated films should be sent by email to the festival committee's email addres as follow before Spet.1st:

2. Applicants will be terminated from the competition if vedio file of the films are not received before September 1st, 21:00 (Pacific Time).

3. Trailer and poster can be delivered by sending any cloud drive's share link + password to the

4. For displaying printed poster during festival events, please deliver the display before the festival begins; the printed poster must be 6 feet long and 3 feet wide; to avoid the limit of displaying places, the poster must come with its own support; if you want us to print the poster and prepare its support, please pay the labor fee US $300.

5. All copies of films will be returned to designated address in 2(two) weeks after the closing date of the festival.

6. Shipping fee (imported and re-exported), screen fee and translation fee (if the film needs to be translated into English subtitle) shall be submitted by the film producer or related organizations as well as the copy fee, DVD shipping fee and insurance. Canada Golden Maple Film Festival will apply a security fee in the festival official website for the nominated films.

7. Films and filmmakers participate in the Canada Golden Maple Film Festival are deemed to comply with the existing rules and shall be acknowledged and accepts all of the Canada Golden Maple Film Festival charter. Film producers, publishers or organizations are obliged to ensure the legality of all nominated films in the festival.