Established in 2014, Byzanfest is a film festival dedicated to Eastern Orthodox Christians. The goal is to screen and stream the very best Orthodox stories with the world.

The Festival showcases films which reflect Orthodox Christian themes, beliefs, culture, values and inspiration. An entry does not have to contain a "religious" message, but the Orthodox phronema ("mindset") was maintained during the creative process.

"Byzanfest" is in honour of the great Byzantine Empire, a place of wisdom, art & faith. Although it may no longer exist, the spirit and values of Byzantium shine out in the works of Orthodox Christians in the Digital Era.

Best Short-Film
Best Feature-Film
Best Director
Best Cinematography
Best Documentary
Best Animation
Best Screenplay
Best Screenplay in Development
Audience Favourite

Byzanfest accepts short-films (less than 30 minutes) and feature-lengths (longer than 30 minutes) of all genres. All films must have been made within or after 2018.

Byzanfest accepts unproduced screenplays for both short and feature-length films.

The person submitting film/screenplay and all related materials will be known as “Authorised Submitter”. The Authorised Submitter is responsible to ensure the film/screenplay complies with all domestic and international laws.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

All films/screenplays and accompanying materials must be received by 16th August 2023.

Physical screenings will be hosted within Australia and possibly overseas.

Streaming will run for a 9-day period. Short-films will stream at no charge. Feature-length films will stream (or choose not to stream) where audiences can rent films individually for 24-hours (or for free) and/or rent an all-inclusive Festival Pass with 14-days access.

Screenplays will only be shared with judge/s and not released publicly.

Byzanfest is looking for films/screenplays that express Eastern Orthodox Christian themes, beliefs, culture, values and/or inspiration. Storyline does not have to be directly religious or spiritual.

A film/screenplay is deemed "Orthodox”:
1) created by an Orthodox Christian filmmaker who maintained an Orthodox phronema during the creative process, whether or not it contains an express spiritual message, or
2) the subject matter/plot is about Orthodox themes, beliefs, culture, values and/or topics, but the filmmaker is not an Eastern Orthodox Christian.

Byzanfest is open to all ages – those under 18 years old must have an adult submit on their behalf.

Up to 3 films/screenplays can be submitted individually.

The Authorised Submitter may be asked to provide film files well in advance before the deadline to avoid technical issues.

The Festival requires the film in the following formats:
• MP4, highest resolution, English subtitles hardcoded (if English is not the spoken language)
• MP4, highest resolution, no subtitles
• SRT files
• ProRes 422 in its original framerate with English subtitles hardcoded (if English is not the spoken language)
• DCP (if available)

Screenplays can be submitted as Word or PDF documents.

Each category will be awarded a certificate and prize money. Categories, so far, for short-film and feature-length: Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay and Audience Favourite.

If selected, revenue split will be outlined in the Release Form.

Byzanfest is not responsible for any civil and/or criminal infringements associated with the submitted film/screenplay and/or Authorised Submitter.

The Festival reserves the right to edit information provided by Authorised Submitter.

By submitting, the Authorised Submitter agrees to all Terms and Conditions and to receiving marketing emails relating to the Festival.

The Festival reserves the right to update Terms and Conditions without notice.

Overall Rating
  • I was very happy to have been invited to this festival. Thank you for selecting my work "seeking for agousa" . I look forward to submitting again.

    February 2023
  • We are highly honored to have been a part of Byzanfest and never imagined that our film would be screened in Australia. It is rare and precious that the festival presents Orthodox cinema. The zoom calls made us feel connected. Thank you for the experience!

    November 2022
  • The best Christians film Festival in the World ✨ I highly recommend it to every Orthodox Filmmaker 🎥 Honour and joy for the "Best Short Film" and the "Best Short Director" Awards 🏆🏆 Bless and greetings from Greece 🇬🇷

    January 2022
  • Tanja Brzakovic

    It was a great pleasure to be the part of Byzanfest! Thank you for having us!

    November 2021
  • Louis Duval

    It was a great adventure to be able to participate in this festival, in the short film category. I thank the organizers, and especially Chris, who does an exemplary job. Despite this special period, the organization went very well, we were even able to attend the ceremony live, with all the finalists. This is the only festival, with the general idea of ​​promoting cinema and the Orthodox faith. I wish him long life and hope to be able to propose other projects because there is a real audience. Sensitive people, all over the world, eager to discover our faith and traditions. "ISUS NIKA"

    December 2020