British Film Festival includes Film Festival and Film Market

At the British Film Festival, we're a group of diverse and inclusive professionals from all around the world who believe in the power of the entertainment industry to change lives and bring peace to the world.
Since 1946, in the United Kingdom, we have been wholeheartedly celebrating creativity and the art of film and TV program creation.
At the British film festival, we are accepting in the below categories made by filmmakers from all around the world:
Feature Films, Short Films, VR Films, Children Films, Animations, Fashion Films, TV Programmes, TV Shows ,TV SERIES, Advertisings, Music Videos, Documentaries, INTERACTIVE, VIRTUAL REALITY FILMS and WEB BASED Programmes.

If you are submitting your films to British Film Festival you are allowed to submit your films for sale in the British Film Market for free.

WINNERS: British Film Festival Winners will get the winners' certificates.

NOMINEES: All shortlisted and nominees will receive their 'Official Selection' authenticated badge.

You can book your seat now to join us at Awards Show and Awards Ceremony from the link below.

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Please note we have different rules at the British Film Festival:

1- We accept your film even if it has been shared or shown publicly before, no matter if you even made money from your film.

2- You are allowed to submit your film no matter when it's made, because we believe there is no expiry date for a good film, as long as this is the first time you are submitting it to the British Film Festival.

3- Every filmmaker, production company or distributor is allowed to submit as many films as they like each year at the festival.

4- You are allowed to apply to advertise your films, your companies or your brands at our yearly magazine. we send it over 20,000 film Studios and Film production companies all around the world.

5- If you are submitting your films to our festival you are allowed to submit your films for sale in our Film Market for free.