Bridge of Peace is the online film festival.
We created the Bridge of Peace Film Festival in France in order to focus the audience's attention on the pressing problems of humanity, in order to seek and find an answer to the question of how to live in a world without wars, without oppression, how to learn to respect the traditions and culture of other peoples, how to preserve nature and its diversity for new generations.

International Film Festival "Bridge of Peace" is a competition of documentary and fiction films. The purpose of the 2023 Festival is to support the creative searches of young filmmakers, to promote national feature films, films on ecology, history and ethnography in order to improve mutual understanding between people living in different countries and having different cultural origins.

The festival is held 2 times a year: in April and in December.

The main topics of films in the competition program in April: ecology, climate, children, health, education, culture, ethnic groups, peoples of the world, history, archeology, geography, geopolitics, war, migration and social issues.

The main topics of films in the program in December: short and long films for children and parents, Christmas, travelling, people of the world, animations for children, art and culture for peace.

The Bridge of Peace Film Festival is an online event. Organizer of the "Bridge of Peace" film festival is the "ART SANS FRONTIERES - PONT DE LA PAIX" nonprofit association, located in France.

Organizer's address: "ART SANS FRONTIERES - PONT DE LA PAIX", 78 avenue des Champs-Elysées, bureau 562, 75008 Paris, France.

The awards goes to the director (or directors)

1. Main Award – BRIDGE OF PEACE Grand Prix

2. Best Animation ( Prize 100€)

3. Best Debut Animation Award

4. Best Debut Documentary Award

5. Best Debut Short Film

6. Best Ecolo Documentary Award

7. Best Ethno Documentary Award

8. Best Documentary (Prize 300€)

9. Best Documentary Sport for Peace

10. Best Short Film (Prize 200€)

11. Award for Films Reflecting War and Aftermath

12. Audience award

The audience votes for the best film from any section of the BRIDGE OF PEACE. The winner receives the Audience Award.

13. Best film for children Award

14. Best film created by children Award

Only three cash prizes are available at the end of the competition.
PLEASE NOTE: If there are fewer than 3 films in a given category, no award will be granted in that category.

Within the framework of the "Bridge of Peace" Festival the following are held:
1.Competition program is dedicated to ecology, climate change, ethnography, history, social issues, war and aftermath: for documentary (short or full-length, fiction full-length and short films from around the world, animation. World, European and international premieres. All films must be provided with subtitles in English.
2.Competition program "Film Debut": for documentary and fiction short films (40 minutes or less) from around the world on the subject of the Film Festival.
3. The "Happy Childhood" Film Competition Program for Children: - for full-length, short films from and animations all over the world.
4.For registration of participation of a film in the competition, a fee is charged from 5 till 45 euros, depends of the category and submission period
(please, consult submitting form).
5.In case of postponement or cancellation of the current edition of the Festival, the organizers will automatically invite a qualified film to the next edition of the Festival. Rightholders who do not agree with this are entitled to a refund of the application fee if they notify the organizers within four weeks of the postponement / cancellation announced.
6.Producers of films participating in all competitive programs undertake, in the event of a release or release of a film in circulation on DVD, to put on all advertising and DVD media a mention of the film's participation in the “Bridge of Peace” Festival competition and are obliged to use the official logo of the Festival and the exact wording awards recorded in the prize-winner's diploma, mentioning the International Film Festival “Bridge of Peace” (year).
7. If a decision is made to include a film in the Festival program, by receiving an official invitation, along with confirmation of participation, it is necessary to send information and promotional materials to the Directorate.
8. Documentation and materials for the film-participant of the main competition program for full-length films must be provided with:
- materials for the catalog (synopsis in English, biography and filmography of the director in English, headshot of the director, poster and pictures from the film, the main characters of the film - preferably close-ups;
- trailer for use in advertising, image, presentation purposes;
- Cutting a film for use in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Festival (without the presence of scenes of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and non-love scenes, and scenes of violence in accordance with the age limit 0+);
- materials for the Festival website (press release, photographs / slides / frames from the film, the main characters of the film - close-ups).
8. At the same time, all copies of films submitted to the Festival for film screening must be an exact copy transferred by the national Ministry of Culture, as a legal copy, in accordance with the procedure and conditions for depositing films upon receipt of a distribution certificate.
If other copies of films are provided to the Festival than described above, all responsibility for violations of the law lies only with the representative of the film (copyright holder).
Copies of films selected for the competition and official programs of the Festival must not contain any advertising materials attached to the film. If available, the Organizing Committee of the Festival reserves the right not to show the film and demand another copy.
Links to the films selected for the competitive and official programs of the Festival must be submitted 2 weeks before the event.
Within the framework of the Festival, films of a competitive or any other program may be shown up to 5 (five) times without the written permission of the film producer or his authorized representative.
9.Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all articles of these Regulations.
10. The results of participation in the competition will be announced on the festival web: and by email.
11. A public rewardig ceremony can be organized in France, if at least 15 representatvives of the award winning films will be able to come to the ceremony.

Overall Rating
  • We are very grateful and excited to have garnered an Honorable Mention in the categories Animation and Experimental Film among films of great quality and content.

    Thank you Bridge Of Peace!

    The aim of our film is to promote Peace and Tolerance. This was the perfect Festival for us!

    April 2024
  • SMV Mediagroup

    This film festival has brought us remarkable achievements. However, even if that were not the case, it is armed with kindness, actively communicating more than any other film festival, and providing sincere responses to small inquiries. The desire for peace is evident throughout the operation of the film festival. Not only does it host and screen films, but it also puts effort into introducing and distributing independent films with a theme of peace in various markets. We hope for continued support for this film festival, and once again, we express gratitude for the passion and dedication of the film festival organizers.

    January 2024
  • Was a truly honor have the opportunity to take part in this amazing festival, looking forward to participate again, thank you very much to Bridge of Peace! 👏👏👏

    January 2024
  • Tanweihua Tan

    Thank you to the film festival for awarding us the Best Short Film Award for the movie "Scissors". This is a film festival that is full of social responsibility and shoulders the mission of human peace. Salute to the team of the Bridge of Peace!

    December 2023
  • Great festival! Nice conception, human communication. One of the best Festival. Thanks for the awards, and see You in Paris, or somewhere! Healthy, happy New Year!

    December 2023