Perspektiva, a Russian Disability NGO, is now accepting submissions for the 11th International Disability Film Festival «Breaking Down Barriers». The festival will take place in Moscow, November 2022.

The one and the oldest Russian Disability Film Festival takes place in Moscow, Russia every two years. Festival has been organized by Russian disability NGO Perspektiva since 2002. During the first ten festivals more than 700 films from 56 countries were screened. More than 30 000 people attended Moscow’s festivals and more than 50,000 people attended regional screenings in 30 regions of Russia.

Festival strives to promote a complex image of people with disabilities through films and to educate members of the community about issues that effect the lives of disabled people worldwide.

Best Feature Film
Best Short Feature Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Actor / Actress
Best Film about Love
Most Uplifting
Best Film about Shattering Stereotypes
Best Public Service Announcement
Best Film about Intellectual Disability

We don't provide any cash prizes, only certificates.

All works submitted for the Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival should portray a disability issue and may include portraying an autism, chronic illness, hearing loss and deafness, vision loss and blindness, intellectual disability, learning disability, memory loss, mental health, physical disability, speech and language disorders, PTSD and other disabilities not specified above.

We accept the following film categories: Feature Narrative, Short Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Public Service Announcements, and encourage the submission of films that have been produced by and with the close participation of persons with disabilities. We also encourage films, made by film school students. We will also have a special prize for the best short film, made by a team of children with and without disabilities.

Overall Rating
  • Csaba Szekeres

    I urge all filmmakers who send their work to this festival to be careful. Last year, my film Ever was awarded the main prize by the professional jury, which has not been sent until today by the organisers. Instead, I have received misleading promises and lies. I protest against this practice and warn all filmmakers against entering their films in the festival and being subjected to similar atrocities.

    August 2021
  • Amazing and necessary festival to put people with disabilities and functional diversity on the front page! They care about the films and the people that are part of their festival. Thanks for all you're doing!

    December 2020
  • Thank you so much for selecting Amy's Victory Dance to your 2020 Film Festival. We are looking forward to submitting our future projects.

    December 2020