Welcome to Breaking8, Festival of videodance 2022!

As part of the contemporary dance festival FIND - Festival Internazionale Nuova Danza, Breaking 8 takes place every year in Cagliari, Italy. Each edition, screenings are programmed in different locations such as theatres, centres for cultural activities and art exhibitions spaces, city parks.

This edition we have a new section, curated in collaboration with Spring Dancefilm Festival (Spain): we are seaching for videodance works inspired by literary works or/and incorporate, interpret, transpose literature/poetry/writings in audiovisual medium through dance. Please note that we are looking for dance films with a precise and recognizable reference to well-known literary / poetic works.

The selection process will be curated by Breaking8 and Spring DanceFilm Festival together, and the selected works will be screened during both named festivals (Breaking8 in October 2022 and Spring DanceFilm Festival in April 2023).

Breaking8 is not a competition, and is free of charge for authors and audience.
Participation does NOT involve money prizes, or awards other than Breaking8's Laurel.

Please do not submit your work if you intend to ask an exhibition fee.

Authors may apply with a maximum of two works.

* We are looking preferably for films with a run time not exceeding 10 minutes.
* The author(s) of each film must own both the authorship of the film and the rights of other content of third persons involved/appearing in the film.
* We do accept work from any year.
* We DO NOT ACCEPT recorded performances nor work-in-progress projects.

Breaking 8 and Spring DanceFilm Festival will keep a copy of your works in archive for promotional, cultural, and educational purposes. Any use of the submitted film will be notified in advance to the author. Breaking 8 and Spring DanceFilm Festival do NOT screen any work without the author's permission.

* The selected films will be exhibited PHYSICALLY and ONLINE during the dates of this year's edition and may be screened in following editions of both festivals as "Selection Reprise".
* The right to screenings extends to Breaking 8 and to Spring Dancefilm festival and implies the possibility for your work to be included in subsequent national and international itinerant cultural and artistic events.
* Any screening or new project involving a work takes place only previous request of use to the author.

You might be contacted even if not selected, and asked if you are interested in being included in a future Breaking8’s edition: we often come across interesting woks that for some reason or other don’t fit the current edition, but following the authors' work and keeping in touch helps us to find the right context for a screening. If the author is in a new phase and/or has no interest in showing an old work, Breaking 8 is open to new proposal.