The 2016 BFF:
We will be screening selected films all year long. Audience members will be voting after seeing each film using the following criteria, awarding points for each, with maximum number of points awarded thusly: max = x/maximum number of points per category
Is it relevant ? max: 1/1

Is it entertaining? max:1/1

Is it interesting? max: 1/1

Does it have high production values? max: 5/5
( i.e.: Cinematography (1/5),
Sound/Music (1/5),
Acting/Interviewing (1/5),
Production Design (Script/Writing/Narration/Choreography/Costumes/ etc.) (1/5),
Editing (1/5)) max: 1/5

Would you recommend it to others? max:1/1

Selected film makers will be informed of the combined audience votes as well as their overall standing in the final line-up of of the years' screenings.

We will also pass along any other comments audience members wish to share.

We will select films for screening based on their relevance/entertainment value, quality, and potential interest to audience members.

Only films which can be streamed or downloaded in digital form will be shown. We will consider everything from shorts to full feature length films.

Racist, ultra-violent or pornographic material will not be considered.

Ideally, films that are in languages other than English, French, German or Spanish should be sub-titled with French or English or dubbed into French or English