Boston Science Fiction Film Festival & Marathon (BostonSciFi) is 43, making us the oldest science fiction film festival, period. Not bad considering we never really started out with that in mind.

We began at the legendary Orson Welles Cinemas in Cambridge MA, near Harvard and MIT. Legendary? Really? Yep, the first manager was some dude named Tommy Lee Jones, and people like Peter Bogdanovich, Neil Young, Errol Morris are the just a few of the folks who have a formative connection to the Welles. Making films and showing them was its DNA. It was the modern art house before there was a modern art house.

Today we is housed in the vintage Somerville Theatre. We are an 11 day event with two distinctive parts. The first part, "The Fest" which highlights submitted and curated features/shorts from around the Globe. We also host workshops and special events.

The second part is also the closing event. It is called “The Marathon". Affectionately abbreviated to The 'Thon", a 24 hour continuous orgy of film. Think of it is the original binge viewing with hundreds of you-never-met-before-closest-friends.

We're often asked what are our criteria for science fiction. If questioned, we ask ourselves, would Rod Serling play it on the original TWILIGHT ZONE. If the answer is yes, then we'll screen it - shorts, features, documentaries, animation, webisodes, whatever. If we can be projected, we'll show it, assuming the judges say so. To round out the experience, we’ve added a series of workshops (The Film School @ BostonSciFi), and of course, parties.

The organizers of BostonSciFi are industry professionals with decades of experience. One of the biggest reasons to enter your film is to get exposure to audiences AND the industry. It is this latter piece where our experience helps. We invite our friends to come, and we recommend BostonSciFi films to those we know.

So welcome to SF43, the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, the oldest Scifi festival in the US with a passion for film that comes age.

It's about exploring new worlds.

Awards & Prizes

Awards, including The Gort, are given by judges and by the audience. Sponsors provide additional booty.

Rules & Terms

Decisions of the Screening Committee and Judges is final.

Judges, at their discretion, may add additional awards based on merit.

8 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Matthew Lucas

    A very well-organized festival by some extremely awesome people. I was unfortunately unable to attend in person for the screening of my film, but was very proud to be part of a festival that celebrates so many amazing films and really works to create new opportunities for the filmmakers. Even after the festival had ended, they continued to offer new screening opportunities through some partnerships and even discussed distribution options. Great group of people; great festival!

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for the words of praise, so good to hear! You should be very proud, you're just the type of innovative and professional filmmaker we love to cultivate and support. Hope to see more of your work!!

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    Ian Truitner

    Awesome! Great festival and passionate festival organizers.

    April 2017
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    Reuben Baron

    Excellent fest. Screening went great. Minor technical issues but that might be partially my fault (rendering at 23.98 as opposed to 24fps).

    March 2017
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    Melvin Cartagena

    It was a fun and enjoyable experience to share time and space with like minded people who have a passion for science fiction.

    March 2017
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    Sakaar Puri

    A great experience as a first time filmmaker, highly enjoyable and encouraging. The festival has a very intimate environment where you can connect with other filmmakers instantaneously. Thanks to the festival for selecting the film, and for the warm hospitality!
    Another must mention- the 24hr Marathon' which is a one of its kind experience. It had the most enthusiastic audience I had ever seen.

    March 2017
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to us when filmmakers like what we try to do.