There's no doubt, Action & Sci-fi are the two of the most important genres in screenwriting and filmmaking today and the most interesting and enjoyable, and the art the most difficult and complex.

As a screenplay competition, BLACK LINES FRONTIER believes Action & Sci-fi should not be mixed with other genres as Drama, Comedy, Romance, etc., and that Action & Sci-fi are best judged together in a competition to achieve the highest results and highest degree of competition.

With help from experts from the industry, BLACK LINES FRONTIER aims to run the highest Action & Sci-fi Screenplay Competition.

BLACK LINES FRONTIER accepts Original Feature Screenplay submissions in Action & Sci-fi genres.

Please read our Screenplay Submission Guidelines.


Announcement Dates:

Oct 4 - Notification
Oct 31 - Quarterfinalists
Nov 15 - Semifinalists
Nov 30 - Finalists
Dec 10 - Winner

Award Prize: $5,000 USD to the Winning Action/Sci-fi Original Feature Screenplay

Screenplay Submission Guidelines:

(1) Screenplay must be Original
(2) Screenplay must be either Action or Sci-fi
(3) Screenplay must be written in English
(4) Screenplay must be between 90-140 pages in length
(5) Only Title on Title page

Terms and Conditions:

(1) Competition Must Have A Minimum Number of 100 Entries
(2) Competition Only Accepts A Maximum Number of 2000 Entries