African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase (#AAFM)

This is our 25th year screening Short Films in Los Angeles.

AAFM and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase features the screening of more than 50 short films by today’s finest emerging African American filmmakers while paying tribute to African American film pioneers. The weekend of events also offers informative seminars and workshops led by film and TV industry professionals, and a host of established film writers, directors, producers and other behind-the-scenes professionals, as well as networking opportunities.

Founded in 1996 by Sandra Evers-Manly, the Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center is a nonprofit, public benefit organization designed to advocate, educate, research, develop, and preserve the history and future of Blacks in film and television. Through film festivals, award ceremonies, book signings, script readings, contests, scholarships, other programs and special events, BHERC recognizes the contributions of African-American men and women in front of and behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

BHERC has produced 3 Short Film Festivals each year SISTAS ARE DOIN' IT FOR THEMSELVES, REEL BLACK MEN, & THE AFRICAN AMERICAN FILM MARKETPLACE AND S.E. MANLY SHORT FILM SHOWCASE. BHERC curates approx. 1,000 shorts and selectively chooses the best films based on storytelling, cinematography, concepts and acting in order to present a Festival that enlightens audiences about the African American/Black Experience through our eyes, by telling our stories and the diversity of who we are as a people and how we interact with each other and those around us. Filmmaking documents our history, thoughts, relationships with each other, outlook on life and issues we face, our fashion, music, hairstyles, our vision!

Friday, October 25, 2019, 2019 - AWARD CEREMONY & Introduction of the 2019 Filmmakers

Saturday, October 26, 2019 - Youth Diversity & Short Film Showcases, Q&A with Filmmakers, Directors, Producers, Cast & Crew; networking

Sunday, October 27, 2019 - Short Film Showcases, Q&A with Directors, Producers, Cast & Crew, networking and Closing Night ceremonies with Soul Food Reception

Submit on Filmfreeway or Mail or deliver your film with this form, and press package to: BHERC, Attn: John Forbes,

No Entry Fee
No Prizes - great screening, awesome networking, affordable tickets, an Award Show honoring directors, filmmakers, writers, cinematographers, grips, Hair & Make-up, Still Photographers and all the behind the scenes artists who collaborate to create FILM

Please complete this form and submit your short film on DVD. Film must be 1-60 minutes. Mail or deliver your film with this form to:

Attn: John Forbes
1875 Century Park East, Suite 600
Los Angeles, California, CA 90067

Overall Rating
  • The Reel Black Film Festival was by far the best festival I've attended! Communication was solid and everyone at the festival was so welcoming. It felt like I was screening my film with family lol. The entire team that put together the festival and the audience were so supportive and I'm so happy that I received the opportunity to meet, network, and view other powerful African American films. This team is doing some amazing stuff for the black community of directors and filmmakers and I can't wait to send more of my work here!

    October 2018
  • Thaddeus Jones

    I had a fantastic time here. I loved the fact that people were actually networking and looking to help others grow.

    October 2018
  • Chris Hill

    This was a truly amazing experience! Thank you for a great time!

    July 2018
  • Kennikki Jones-Jones

    I was not able to attend the event but a friend went in my place. When he texted me a small video after the audience viewed my short, I was almost brought to tears. I felt the love through my phone. They all felt like family. The host encouraged the audience to share a word that described what they watched and the feedback was so valuable. I really wish I could of been! I also feel like it's a great opportunity to network people have reached out to me already. I am truly grateful that I was a part of this festival and I hope to make it in the future.

    March 2018
  • One of the best film festival I've been a part of! They treated me with so much respect and honor. They made me feel like a big Hollywood director! Thank you!

    October 2017