I'm an independent musician, producer, and record label. Most of my recorded and released projects contribute to charities, education of children, and world peace issues. I am also a busy entertainer, performing to a multitude of folks, every year.
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I was born in Philadelphia, PA on March 20th, 1971. I grew up in Wildwood, NJ, which is a seashore/beach town along the Atlantic Ocean. I went to St. Ann’s Regional grade school from - I graduated in 1985.
My mother was a bit younger than my father, and her musical tastes included Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, and the Eagles. My father, John Caterini, was a World War 2 veteran, and his musical tastes spanned from the Big Band era to the pop music of the 1960s. When he returned from the war, he acquired a (now legendary) nightclub in Wildwood, NJ, called the Rip Tide (circa 1955-1969).
The Rip Tide featured many top musical acts of the time, including: Fats Domino, Ray Charles, The Supremes, Wayne Newton – also, strong regional (Philadelphia) music acts like the Red Caps and the Kit-Kats. My dad was also a booking agent, so he saw the business at its infancy, as well as the crooked side of it – he originally didn’t want to see me get into the business, but he soon realized that it was my passion.
My first interest in music was sparked by the KISS phenomena of the late 1970s…I was intrigued by the sounds of electric guitars and drums. I didn’t start taking guitar lessons until I was in 6th grade. I had a few high school bands, and we wrote our own songs and performed them at talent shows. I was also involved with the high school plays, chorus, and small jazz group/ensemble.
I graduated from Wildwood High School in 1986.
Afterwards, I enrolled in Monmouth University, class of 1993. I acquired a BA in Music, with a minor in Popular Music Business, as well as a concentration in Communications.
After college, I started carving out a more professional music career. My real-world education brought me to all sorts of places: New York City, San Antonio, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Philadelphia…to name a few. I ended up settling in my hometown, because of its proximity to NYC and Philadelphia, as well as it being easy to start performing – the Jersey Shore. I set up my recording studio/label, Cat. House Sound, LLC, in 1999.
I’ve written school curriculum for music business: the Entertainment Production Technology course at the Cape May County Technical High School – 2007. I am still involved with a local school system, The Lower Cape May Regional School System – The Richard M. Teitelman Middle School (RMT).
I teach an audio/video/broadcast class called “RMTV,” to the middle school students, as well as in-class support teacher’s aide (the rest of the day). I am a New Jersey certified teacher; my certification is in Electronic Music.
I am a voting member in The Recording Academy – NARAS, Philadelphia chapter; a member of the Audio Engineering Society, NYC chapter; I belong to the Free & Accepted Masons, Cape Island Lodge #30-Cape May, NJ; I’m a Noble brother of the Crescent Shrine Temple, Westampton, NJ (Shriners International).
1) “E Is For Erik” children’s albums: “E Is For Erik – Fun Songs for Young Folks,” and “E Is For Erik – (Don’t Be A) Bully” – writer, engineer, producer on these projects
2) Cat. House Sound, LLC – my music company: studio, record label, live sound services, & performance agency; 1999 – recent
3) The Slums – “Episode 1.5” – Canadian rock band that I produced/released
4) The Brandon Smith Band – “Honey, I’m Homeless” – American rock band that I produced/released
5) The Cape May Singer-Songwriter Music Conference (www.sscapemay.com) – Cape May, NJ – chief engineer for keynotes/headliners; speaker on producers’ panels, mentoring; 2008-today
6) All Music Fest and Sustainability Conference (www.allmusicfest.net) –Ambler, PA-speaker on producers’ panel; 2017 - recent
7) The Vale Music Group Conference – Lebanon Valley College, PA – speaker on the producers’ panel ; 2016
8) “Action Moves People United” album project (www.actionmovespeopleunited.org ) – I was a contributive artist on this global peace project; song “Count On You;” 2016
9) “The Journey” album project (www.thejourneyalbum.com ) - David Longoria - I was a contributive artist on the song “We Are One;” 2016
10) “A Musical Journey: Together In Peace” album project (www.rupamsarmah.net ) – Rupam Sarmah – I was a contributive artist on the song “Together In Peace Symphony;” 2017
11) “We Can Do More” – single release - Bill Caterini (and Sara James) – writer, producer, musician; 2016 – Global Music Award (bronze), 2016
12) “Santa’s Coming” – album project (www.billcaterini.net/santas-coming/ ) – Bill Caterini, Dawn Nardy Martin, & Friends – Christmas/Holiday compilation album – writer, producer, musician; 2017 – Global Music Award (bronze), 2017 (for the single, “Santa’s Coming”) https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/billcaterinidawnnardymar
Bronze Medal/Award: Best Song; New Release
We Can Do More
Global Music Awards
San Diego/La Jolla, CA
Monmouth University
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Wildwood High School
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Wildwood Catholic High School
College Preparatory
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March 20, 1971
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I'm an independent musician, producer, and record label. Most of my recorded and released projects contribute to charities, education of children, and world peace issues. I am also a busy entertainer, performing to a multitude of folks, every year.
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