The Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles through its Mexican Center for Culture and Cinematic Arts, is pleased to bring together visual artists 35 and under in the area Los Angeles (greater Los Angeles area) to the annual 35 x 35 Exhibitions (Bicentennial), dedicated to celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.

The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a platform to present the work of emerging visual artists residing in the Los Angeles are, while also providing opportunities for creators to meet and interact with other young art professionals.

This year the call will be directed to artists who wish to join in celebrating Mexico on the 200th Anniversary of its Independence.

The Mexican Center for Cultural and Cinematic Arts at the Mexican Consulate General in Los Angeles is a space that promotes Mexican identity through art and culture. It is a place of meeting for emerging and established artists of all nationalities, seeking support creators, artists and filmmakers. It has a gallery and movie theater that allows the CCCM to display quality projections.
This call is open to all nationalities.

Marietta Bernstorff, cultural promoter, artist and curator with more than 30 years of experience in Mexico and the United States; she seeks to create bridges of understanding between the two countries through art and addressing the most pressing contemporary problems.

Deadline for delivery: August 16, 2021
Notification to the artist if her work was selected: August 30, 2021
Artist must deliver the work: September 6, 2021
Grand Opening: September 10, 2021
Visual Art Exhibition Dates: September 10 to October 29, 2021
Music Night: September 26, 2020


The selection of the work will be based on technical merit, aesthetic quality, creativity and ability to interpret the concept of the call. All decisions will be final and the curator reserves the right to disqualify any work that is not presented in the format that is correct or does not include the proper mounting kit.

Prizes will be awarded to the first three places, in cash.

The best 35 works will receive recognition from the Consulate and their work will be widely displayed on the social networks of the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles and other digital and electronic media.

All artists who submit works will receive a certificate of participation.

The call is open to all those 35 years of age and under, who
reside in and around Los Angeles (greater Los Angeles area).

● The piece of art must be original and can be made in the following media: drawing, painting, photography, printing, ceramics, paper, text, fibers, metal,
collage and digital.

● Only three pieces will be allowed per artist.

● All selected works must be ready to be submitted. Works of
Two dimensions will need to be ready to hang with the necessary hardware.
If required, any installation with specific instructions will have to
accompany accepted work.

● Sculptures must not exceed 36''x 36''x 36 ''

● Please send images of each work by email. These have to
be compatible with PC and be in JPEG format 300 dpi size. The file must
contain full name of the job. For example, FULL NAME_TITLE
OF WORK.jpg.

● Please include a brief description of the piece with each job, maximum 100
words and in Word format.

● Include artist biography, maximum 100 words, Word format.

● Fill out the complete application form.

● The selected works will be on display from September 10 to October 29
from 2021