Welcome to the 4th edition of the Beyond the Frame Festival, the pioneering international XR event in Japan!

Immerse yourself in a world of boundless possibilities where technology and art converge. Join us for an extraordinary gathering of visionary creators, innovative producers, talented designers, and passionate enthusiasts. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery, where you'll witness awe-inspiring MR, VR, AR, binaural sound, and other cutting-edge projects.

Engage with the industry's brightest minds, gain insights into their creative processes, and be inspired by their groundbreaking achievements. This is your chance to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to explore the forefront of immersive experiences. Come and unlock new realms of imagination at Beyond the Frame Festival.

日本における国際的なXR映画イベントのパイオニアである、Beyond the Frame Festivalの第4回目へ、ようこそ!



没入型体験の最前線を探る、この素晴らしい機会をお見逃しなく。Beyond the Frame Festivalで、新たなイマジネーションの領域を開放しましょう!

Grand Prix, and more



1. Submission deadline

The submission of XR experiences at the Beyond the Frame Festival is open from the 1st June to the 15th of August. Please, notice that the final deadline for the reception of online submission forms and works is 15th of August (Tokyo Time).
We cannot accept late submissions.

2. Conditions for the submission of a work

Submitted works should not have premiered prior to January 2022 and must not have been presented earlier in any other format or length, not even as a work-in-progress in previous editions of the Beyond the Frame Festival.
The submission of a work represents the agreement with the regulations set forth here.

2.1 Premiere Status

Submitted works should not have premiered prior to January 2022.
We have no regulation on premiere status and we can consider works which have been previously shown internationally.
When filling up the submission form, please fill up the Premiere Status of your work.

During the selection process, the Festival reserves the right to download work submitted by online links for consideration. These downloads will be exclusively for internal use by the Festival team for selection purposes.

3. Duration

We have no regulation on the duration of the submitted projects.

4. Languages

All XR in a language other than Japanese or English must be subtitled in Japanese or English, unless the dialogue is unnecessary for the comprehension and appreciation of the experience.

5. Submission Fees

The submission fee for immersive works is 28USD.

6. Accepted formats

Immersive Projects can be:
- 360 videos
- Linear or interactive 3DOF and 6 DOF
- AR experiences
- MR experiences
- Immersive Installations
- Binaural Sound
- Metaverse / Virtual Worlds 
- XR works or other immersive formats of any length compliant with one or more of the following devices/formats: Standalone VR, PC VR, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality.

Any other format must be previously agreed upon with the Direction of the Festival.
It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure that files are supplied in good working order and update the programme team of any changes or updates to files.

7. Submission of materials

1) Fill out the submission form for the Beyond the Frame Festival and upload the project files online following the instructions in FilmFreeway.

2) Pay the registration fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Immersive projects must be in Japanese OR English or in original language with Japanese OR English subtitles/dubbing.

Any other information regarding the works submitted for selection must be sent exclusively in electronic format to the following address: submissions@cinemaleap.com.

8. Projects selection and Notification of selection decisions:

The official selection of the works submitted will be made by the Festival Director and the programming team of experts will put each decision on the record.
The selection process is finalized during early-September. You will hear from us by mid-September, normally by email. If your contact details change during this period please let us know so that we may update our records.
In the event of your work being officially selected, you will be notified by email.
By participating you are accepting the use of marketing materials for the promotion of the submitted experience and the festival event, within the festival and its communication and publicity partners. Please, let us know if you agree on a part of the experience to be used for promotional purposes by 3rd broad media partners.
Due to the amount of submissions we receive, it is the Beyond the Frame Festival policy not to offer comments or reasons for work not selected for the programme.

「Beyond the Frame Festival 2023」イマーシブ・プロジェクト応募のための公募規定

1. 提出期限

Beyond the Frame FestivalへのXR体験の応募は、6月1日から8月15日まで受け付けています。ただし、オンライン応募フォームおよび作品の最終受付は、8月15日(東京時間)です。

2. 作品応募の条件

2022年1月以前に既に初上映されたものや、Beyond the Frame Festivalの過去開催時に発表された作品は応募対象外となります。

2.1 プレミアの有無



3. 作品尺


4. 言語


5. 応募料


6. 受付可能なフォーマット

- 360ビデオ
- リニアまたはインタラクティブな3DOFおよび6DOF
- AR
- MR
- イマーシブ・インスタレーション
- バイノーラルサウンド
- メタバース/バーチャルワールド 
- XR作品、または以下のデバイス/フォーマットに準拠した没入型フォーマット: スタンドアロンのVRデバイス、PC VR、Mixed Reality、Augmented Reality。


7. 素材の提出

1) Beyond the Frame Fesitivalの応募フォームに記入し、FilmFreeway上の案内に従い、プロジェクトファイルをオンラインでアップロードします。

2) 登録料の支払い



8. 選考および選考結果の通知




なおBeyond the Frame Festivalで上映作品として選ばれなかった作品について、映画祭からコメントや理由をお伝えすることは差し控えさせていただきます。