Best Comedy Short - Travelling Comedy Short Film Festival.

The purposes of the festival are:
* make people laugh so that to make the world better.
* to acquaint cinema lovers around the globe with the world's best short and feature films in the comedy genre.
* to discover talented comedy short directors and open them to the world.

The festival is a global screening of comedy short films.

1. Best Shorts will participate in the Festival World Tour in more than 15 countries.
2. Moviegoers from different countries can vote for the best movie - Best Short.
3. The best movie will get $500.


- Completed after January 1st, 2019
- Completed films, works-in-progress, and rough cuts accepted
- Run time of fewer than 30 minutes
- Not previously submitted to the festival
- Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English

Firstly, the films are pre-watched by the selection committee members based in different countries (Ukraine, USA, UK).

Secondly, after the best films are selected, the rightsholders of the films are proposed to take part in the World Tour of the festival.

Finally, the moviegoers from different countries can vote for the best movie - Best Short.

The festival requires preview screeners of films to be submitted online (with private Youtube or Vimeo links ONLY). We do not accept physical submissions, i.e. DVDs.